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Many factors contribute to the success or failure of an indoor garden. In addition to lighting and nutrition, the atmospheric conditions of an indoor garden are some of the most influential factors in a garden’s performance. The temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration all play indispensable roles in the process of photosynthesis. In other words, if the atmospheric conditions are not optimal, the garden will not live up to its full potential. Indoor horticulturists and greenhouse hobbyists invest large sums of money in various devices that help maintain proper temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels. To maximize efficiency, a grower may choose to automate each of these devices with an atmospheric controller.

Atmospheric controllers are automation devices designed specifically to control the atmospheric conditions in an indoor garden or greenhouse. Growers who implement atmospheric controllers will automatically have more consistent atmospheric conditions in their gardens and the benefits of consistency are multifaceted. That being said, not all atmospheric controllers are made equally. In fact, growers may have a difficult time syncing multiple atmospheric controllers to work synergistically. This is especially true when various controllers from multiple manufacturers are being used. However, there is one company that has developed the ultimate solution for atmospheric automation in indoor gardens and greenhouses. That company is Nova Biomatique, also known as Plug ‘N’ Grow.

Plug ‘N’ Grow

Plug ‘N’ Grow got its start in 1995. The founders saw the growing interest and demand within the hydroponic agricultural industry and decided to focus on creating technologies that would help every indoor gardener. The folks at Plug ‘N’ Grow knew that climate control was one of the main contributing factors to a garden’s overall success or failure. This is why they decided to be the very first company to develop climate controllers for hobby growers. For the past 20 years, Plug ‘N’ Grow has remained one of the prominent leaders in climate control and environmental automation for indoor horticulture. Now, Plug ‘N’ Grow is proud to introduce the future of climate control and environmental automation with its new, redesigned line of climate controllers.

100% Modular Design

In June 2017, Plug ‘N’ Grow will release its new line of revolutionary climate control products at the Grow X show in San Jose, California. This all new and improved line of Plug ‘N’ Grow controllers will allow any indoor horticulturist or greenhouse hobbyist to expand his or her environmental automation at his or her own rate. The Plug ‘N’ Grow controllers are establishing a new standard in quality by offering the only growing automation solution which is truly 100% modular. In other words, growers can start with any individual device they see fit and add devices whenever they deem it necessary.

All of Plug ‘N’ Grow’s new controllers can be connected to work synergistically as one entity which ensures continuity throughout the garden’s environmental parameters. The 100% modular design is advantageous for a hobbyist horticulturist who may only need a portion of his or her climate controlled or who doesn’t have the budget for automating every device. The modular design of Plug ‘N’ Grow’s new controllers lets the individual grower prioritize his or her garden’s atmospheric automation. In other words, not all gardens are the same which makes it beneficial for a grower to be able to build and expand on the garden’s automation system as needed.

Plug ‘N’ Grow Controllers App

Integrated into Plug ‘N’ Grow’s new line of controllers is the ability to connect to the Plug ‘N’ Grow Controllers App. The Plug ‘N’ Grow Controllers App, which will be available from the App Store, allows users to monitor data in real time, data logging, and to control any of the connected devices from virtually anywhere. Simply put, a gardener can be hundreds of miles away from his or her garden and check in via a mobile device. The grower can then monitor the environmental parameters in real time and/or examine past data. A hobby horticulturist also has the ability to make adjustments and control various devices (in real time) within the garden via the Plug ‘N’ Grow Controllers App. This revolutionary modular system allows a grower complete control over the areas of the garden’s environment that he or she prioritizes as the highest. Each of Plug ‘N’ Grow’s new controllers offer different control parameters and thresholds which can be set up to alert the grower when desired.

Advantages of Data Logging

When atmospheric controllers are connected to a cloud-based web service, they have the ability to log vast amounts of data. This data, although seemingly boring, can be a valuable tool in unlocking a garden’s full potential. After each harvest, a grower can go back and examine data logged throughout the plant’s life cycles. In many cases, patterns may become apparent which may positively or negatively affect the growth of the garden. For example, seasonal changes outside can affect the atmospheric conditions of an indoor garden, especially if fresh air is being taken from an environment outside the garden space. After examining logged data, a grower may notice a pattern of temperature and/or humidity spikes and decide to alter his or her light cycle to better coincide with the conditions. This slight change may only increase the overall efficiency of the garden minimally, but over time every small increase in efficiency will equate to substantial gains in yield and in the quality of the finished product. Growers who take the time to analyze data from previous growing cycles will only better the chance of success with future harvests.

Plug ‘N’ Grow’s New Line of Controllers

Plug ‘N’ Grow’s new line of controllers offers many advantages to indoor horticulturists and greenhouse hobbyists. First, they are 100% modular which means the grower is able to automate his or her garden at his or her own pace. These controllers are so versatile that a grower can manage the CO2, air conditioning, heaters, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, fans and lighting systems of not only one, but multiple rooms or facilities. Did I mention this can all be done remotely? These simple to set up and use controllers utilize industrial wireless protocol ideal for high frequency environments. Each controller uses a plant-safe, green LED indicator light which will not disrupt the garden’s dark cycle. All of Plug ‘N’ Grow’s controllers are easy to install and come complete with a 3 year warranty and free technical support from the manufacturer.

Plug ‘N’ Grow’s new product lineup includes the following ten automation devices:

  • Precision timer
  • Precision timer with display (displays time remaining)
  • Simple CO2 controller 0-5000ppm
  • CO2 controller with high temperature shut-off (remote sensor optional)
  • Lighting timer with high temperature shut-off
  • Lighting timer with two outputs (two different settings) with high temperature shut-off
  • Humidity controller
  • Humidity controller with display and remote sensor
  • Temperature controller
  • Temperature controller with display and remote sensor

When purchased with the WIFI option, each product can be connected and operate as one controller. These devices can be controlled by the Plug ‘N’ Grow Controllers App. As previously mentioned these controllers are truly modular and can operate individually or in conjunction with each other. Ultimately, it is up to the grower to determine which devices are most necessary in his or her own garden.

Maintaining consistent atmospheric conditions within the optimal range for healthy plant growth is just as important as horticultural lighting or nutrition when trying to maximize an indoor garden’s performance. When plants are grown indoors or in a greenhouse, it is ultimately up to the grower to maintain the proper temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels needed to sustain vigorous plant growth. We rarely think about photosynthesis as a chemical equation, but that is exactly what it is. When variables of that equation change, the end result changes as well. In other words, for a plant to perform at its peak, it must be provided with the appropriate atmospheric conditions, lighting, and nutrition.

The best way to ensure plants are receiving the proper atmospheric conditions is to automate the devices which influence the temperature, humidity, and CO2 in the garden. Plug ‘N’ Grow’s controllers give indoor horticulturists and greenhouse hobbyists the ability to not only automate the environmental conditions of the garden, but also to do so at their own pace. With the addition of the Plug ‘N’ Grow Controller App, growers can remotely monitor and control their gardens from anywhere their mobile devices have service. This not only increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the garden, but also gives peace of mind to any horticulturist who may be traveling away from his or her indoor garden. A grower who wants peace of mind and absolute control over his or her garden’s atmosphere should definitely check out the all new Plug ‘N’ Grow controllers scheduled to hit the market in June of 2017.

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