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Using Humic Acid to Increase Hydroponic Yields

Posted June 23rd, 2016 by Robin Nichols in

Humic Acid

Savvy gardeners are using Humic acids to increase their indoor gardening harvest yield and quality. Humic Acids are powerful, natural compounds that work wonders in a plants’ root zone and inside plants. Yes, they are an all-organic plant tonic that provides a wide range of benefits to your crops.

Benefits Include

  • Better survival rate for seedlings, grafts, transplants and cuttings
  • More efficient use of nutrients which lowers fertilizer costs
  • Increased resistance to disease, insects, drought, heat and stress: less crop losses
  • Better growth during production phase for larger, higher quality harvests
  • Increased germination and viability of seeds
  • Stimulation of plant growth
  • Increased quality and quantity of yields while improving their physical appearance and nutritional value

It is truly amazing how much organic power these natural elements bring to indoor growing. During the vegetative cycle just add the recommended amount of Humic acid to the nutrient water once a week. If the plants are stressed or overworked, increase the dose slightly.

You should definitely increase the dose during peak flowering. You will get bigger flowers and higher quality crops because of the organic benefits that it puts into your plants. There are not many organic plant tonics that can top the overall strength and usefulness of Humic acid. It’s a unique way to bring the rich, nutritious power of the densest nutrients into a hydroponic gardening.

You can also use Humic acid to pre-treat rockwool and other sterile hydroponics root zone media before each crop cycle so the plants will have a root zone that balances out at the proper pH. When the root zone is the proper pH, it leads to better uptake of nutrients.

This comprehensive product can be used from start to finish in a hydroponic garden because it ensures early vigor in seedlings and clones, hastens maturity and floral development, makes plants better able to thrive despite heat and stress and facilitates faster, more efficient utilization of nutrients and vitamins.

If you don’t want to miss out on healthier plants and heavier harvests, get Humic Acid right away.

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