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AM Leonard Horticultural & Tool Supply Company
User-friendly website and free catalog packed with high quality tools for greenhouse growers and serious home gardeners.

A.M. Leonard offers a retail catalog and user friendly website that offers high quality products for the serious home gardener and professional grower. Our “Down to Earth Guarantee” says that if you are not satisfied with any standard stock item A.M. Leonard delivers, you may return it for your choice of refund or credit.
Biofloral USA
BIOLORAL is a dynamic and expanding company specialized in the distribution of hydroculture and horticulture products.

Biofloral USA is the exclusive distributor of CX Hydroponics and Nutri+ fertilizers and supplements. In addition, we have products from Grozone, Trimpro, One Way To Grow, Organic Rescue, Plant Success, BlueLab, HydroLogic, Smart Pots, Ushio, Future Harvest Development and much more. Our wide range of exclusive and top quality products offers everything you need for indoor and outdoor gardening.
Established in 1996, Botanicare is an industry-leading manufacturer in several innovative hydroponics categories.

Our products include plant nutrients, supplements, soilless grow media, hydroponics systems and grow trays. As plant cultivation experts, Botanicare is dedicated to providing superior products, expert advice, and support to help growers produce better crops.
Dip N Grow
Dip ‘N Grow is the most effective rooting hormone available.

Propagators at nurseries and universities have increased their yields using Dip ‘N Grow. They’ve found Dip ‘N Grow to more economical and easier to use. Available in 3 convenient sizes. Visit our website to order online or to find the retailer nearest you.
Dyna-Gro manufactures a complete line of superior plant nutrient solutions

Dyna-Gro manufactures a complete line of superior plant nutrient solutions. Dyna-Gro Nutrition Solutions contain all 16 essential minerals plants need for optimum growth and flowering in any medium, from soil to hydroponics. With Dyna-Gro, everyone can grow lush, beautiful plants. Dyna-Gro has “The Nutrition Solution” for all your growing needs.
JRM Chemical
Soil Moist water storing polymer products. Reduces plant waterings by 50%, ideal for all plantings. Easy to apply Soil Moist

Soil Moist water storing polymer products. Reduces plant waterings by 50%, ideal for all plantings. Easy to apply Soil Moist Mats for containers and baskets. Full line of mycorrhizal products available in several forms and sizes. Attractive retail and commercial packaging on all products.
NPK Industries
RAW Solubles is a complete line of Soluble Plant nutrients and Soluble Plant Supplements without any fillers, dyes or stabilizers.

RAW Soluble nutrients and supplements give growers precise control over plant nutrition at a great value. RAW Solubles allow gardeners to practice what we call “spoon-feeding”, giving the plants exactly what they need when they need it. NPK Industries at 800.994.4508 or
Optimum Hydroponix
Brite-Lite Group is a Canadian-owned private company proudly serving the hydroponics and indoor specialty gardening market since 1969.

Optimum Hydroponix® manufactures a growing line of quality, value-packed plant nutrients and supplements including 2-part Grow and Flowering formulas for hydroponics; complemented by Supermax B1, Sonic Boost, Humex Fossil Force, Mystik, Titan and Zenzyme. Mo’Koko premium coco substrate and nutrients also offer a great alternative way to grow.
The Ahimsa Alternative
Pure Neem Oil. Pure Karanja Oil. For agriculture-crops, greenhouses, ornamentals, gardens, hydroponics and nurseries and more!

Pure Neem Oil. Pure Karanja Oil. For agriculture-crops, orchards, ornamentals, gardens, hydroponics, nurseries, greenhouses. For personal care, skin & hair care, pet and livestock care. Rich in liminoids and nutrients, free of aflatoxin, solvents, heavy metals & pesticides.
Tradewinds Wholesale Garden Supplies
3735 Cincinnati Ave Ste 200
Rocklin CA
Tradewinds Wholesale Garden Supplies brings leading products to the indoor gardening community through the finest retail establishments.

7Master distributor for Super Nutrients, Age Old Organics, BioBizz, Vegamatrix Nutrients, SolarMax lamps, PlantMax lamps, UltraGrow lighting systems and much more.