Orchid Leaves Turning Yellow? Find Out Why and How to Solve It

If your orchid leaves are turning yellow it isn't always cause for concern, but it is definitely a good reason to take a closer look. The simplest and most common reason is that the leaves are just dying off. If some of your lower orchid leaves turn yellow it is probably nothing to worry about.

In the most extreme cases it may mean that your orchid is diseased. Usually bacterial or fungal disease will show up as yellow spots on leaves which are not old. If you can see yellow spots and this is outlined in black then you definitely have a fungus problem and this should be look at further.

Once you are certain that this is the problem, you can buy some Physan which in most cases will clear up the problem and stop your orchids turning yellow.

Another cause of your leaves turning a yellow color is too much light. Light is very important to orchids but too much or too little can cause problems. If your orchid is receiving too much light this can result in burns to the leaves which display as yellow spots. The solution to this one is simple, simply give your orchid less light and keep it in the shade a little longer each day. Unfortunately once this happens though, your orchid leaves will stay yellow and you will not get green leaves again until some leaves regrow.

While it is not common some other factors that can cause orchid leaves to turn yellow are:

  • Too much water: If you think this is a concern make sure the roots are not rotting, and simply water the plant less for a few days.
  • Extreme Cold Weather: Make sure you keep the orchid in a moderate environment

There are several reasons why your orchids leaves may be changing to a yellow color. Take all of these factors into consideration.

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