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G&G Product Review – Excel Air Systems Evolution Series

Posted November 7th, 2017 by Robin Nichols in

Experienced indoor horticulturists understand the importance of atmospheric control. In addition to lighting and nutrition, atmospheric control is one of the most influential factors over a garden’s success or failure. Excess heat and humidity are common problems for indoor horticulturists. This should come as no surprise considering the fact that most indoor gardens are equipped with multiple high wattage light fixtures that are notorious for emitting a lot of heat. Combine this with the fact that most indoor grow rooms are packed wall to wall with plants that naturally transpire moisture and it’s easy to understand why excess heat and humidity are so common in indoor gardens.

Plants do not perform up to their full potential when the temperature and humidity exceed or fall below certain thresholds. Gardens will perform best when the temperature and humidity are kept within the desired range. As with other aspects of indoor horticulture, plants will always do best with consistent and uniform conditions. This is why a grower needs to take a long, hard look at the equipment he or she installs to maintain the atmospheric conditions of an indoor garden. There are many products designed to aid growers with temperature and humidity control, but not all are created equally. One company in particular, Excel Air Systems, takes pride in creating the most versatile and effective environmental control systems available to indoor horticulturists.

About the Company

Excel Air Systems is a family-run business located in British Columbia, Canada. Excel Air Systems has become a leader in designing and manufacturing specialty air conditioning systems for indoor gardens. One of the most impressive aspects of the Excel Air Systems company is its willingness to educate gardeners from the beginning in order to help them make informed decisions regarding the air conditioning and dehumidification needs of their gardens. Excel Air Systems employs talented HVAC technicians and an educated sales staff that want to help their customers succeed. Developing products of the highest quality, unmatched customer service and complete customer satisfaction are all top priorities for Excel Air Systems.

The Evolution Series

Excel Air System’s latest environmental control system, the Evolution Series, is designed for growers who want the most effective environmental control system. The Evolution Series is the culmination of 12 years of experience building environmental control systems specific to the indoor horticulture industry. The Evolution Series is a total environmental control unit designed for sealed grow room applications; making it the best choice for indoor horticulturists who want ultimate control over temperature, humidity and air quality. This advanced system is incredibly easy for a grower to install and operate. The Evolution Series was designed as a modular system, which allows Excel Air Systems to customize each system to the specific needs of the individual client. The modular design also allows Excel Air Systems to offer the Evolution Series as a cooling only system or a cooling and plus mass-dehumidification system.


The Evolution Series is available in two configurations: pre-charged or pro install. The pre-charged (plug and play) system can be installed by anyone; with no need for a certified HVAC technician. This system is pre-charged with R410A refrigerant and comes complete with all the components needed to get the system installed and running in just a couple of hours. Excel Air Systems’ specialty plug and play fittings allow connections and disconnections to happen without losing refrigerant. The other configuration, the pro install, is meant to be installed by a professional HVAC technician. A professional installer can run custom copper lines, controllers, and other unique designs specific to the particular growing facility.

Sizing and Unit Capabilities

The Evolution Series atmospheric control systems are available from 2.0 TON (24,000 BTU) to 5.0 TON (60,000 BTU) and are wired for 208/230V 1 and 3 phase as well as 460V 3 phase. The Evolution Series can maintain a 15kW heat load with a room temperature of 78 degrees F and with an outdoor air temperature of 80 degrees F. This is based on tests conducted with bare bulbs (open reflectors), the ballasts operating within the growing area, and CO2 burners operating. An Evolution Series system equipped with mass-dehumidification can remove an incredible 400+ pints per day. This high level dehumidification capability is what makes the Evolution Series such an incredible product for indoor growers. Excess humidity within an indoor garden is an invitation for pathogens to take hold. Some indoor crops are more susceptible to damage caused by excess humidity in the late flowering stage of growth. The Evolution Series with mass-dehumidification capabilities ensures flowering crops will not be damaged by excess humidity levels.

The Evolution Series is the quietest and most compact all-in-one environmental control unit on the market. But don’t let the compact size or quiet operation volume fool you; this system is built with high performance fans that are capable of moving two times more air than other systems on the market. The amount of air a unit can move is significant for two reasons. First, the more air that is exchanged, the easier it is to maintain consistent overall temperatures. Second, more air movement means the air can be scrubbed or treated twice as often which equates to higher air quality and a reduction in unwanted odors and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Modular Design

The Evolution Series is based on a modular design which can be broken down into three specific modules: the blower module, the compressor module, and the coil module. The reason Excel Air Systems decided to use a module design is so each major component can be modified and/or upgraded individually when the next generation of components become available. The modular design also allows for easy repair or component swap out in the unlikely event of a component failure.

Blower Module (Air Handler)

The blower module of the Evolution Series is constructed of lightweight, all aluminum framing, and houses a composite backward inclined fan with airflow inlet adapter. The blower module houses the main blower (fan) which distributes cool air to the grow room. The Evolution Series blower module utilizes German engineered fans which are capable of 3400 CFM and operating at very high static pressure configurations.

Coil Module

The coil module consists of two all-aluminum micro-channel slab coils. One designed for cooling and the other for mass-dehumidification. There is also a large stainless steel drain pan to collect the condensation to be re-used in feeding tanks as the water is super clean with a 7.0 pH. This module also houses a lot of the copper pipes and fittings that allow the refrigerant to flow in the proper direction.

Compressor Module

The compressor module is typically housed within the blower module for quiet, discrete operation, but can also be a remote unit. This module is constructed of high quality aluminum and is sound deadened for extremely quiet operation. Due to the compressor module’s remote option, swapping compressors or other customization is fast and simple. Because the compressor module is removed from the outdoor condenser, it eliminates the inconvenience of a noisy outdoor unit, makes the outdoor condenser thinner and lighter, and also removes the need for outdoor servicing of the compressor unit, if ever necessary.

Outdoor Condenser

The outdoor condenser fan is equipped with wing tipped blades to ensure maximum airflow and a low noise level. The coils are made in the United States of America and utilize the latest in heat transfer technology. Like the blower module, micro-channel coils are used for the outdoor condenser coils which help maximize heat transfer in a very compact design. Also like the blower module, the coil module’s frame is constructed of aluminum, making the unit as light as possible. All the panels used in the Evolution Series are powder-coated for durability and longevity.


Excel Air Systems also offers add-ons to the Evolution Series. Perhaps the most notable for indoor horticulturists is the add-on Filtration Module. The Filtration Module includes a super high efficiency MERV15 filter along with two deep trays of custom coconut charcoal. The Filtration Module is designed to greatly reduce impurities in the air and remove the harshest of odors from an indoor garden’s environment. Excel Air Systems also offers a UV Air Purification System that can be integrated directly into the Evolution Series. The UV Air Purification System will kill spores, bacteria, and mildews which pass through the UV-C light. Combining the Filtration Module and the UV Air Purification System will provide the cleanest air possible to an indoor garden environment. Another add-on designed to increase a garden’s productivity is the Fabric Duct Solution. The Fabric Duct Solution is a fabric duct that aids in evenly distributing air throughout the garden space; eliminating cold and/or hot spots by providing uniform airflow.

The staff at Excel Air Systems has dedicated themselves to providing indoor horticulturists with viable solutions for the common temperature and humidity issues prevalent in indoor gardens. The compact and quiet design of the Evolution Series is a perfect fit for any indoor grower. The plug and play configuration allows a cultivator to set up an environmental control system in just a couple of hours.

For large scale commercial operations, the pro install configuration allows the grower to consult with a professional technician for the most effective and customized atmospheric control system. From years of experience and the highest quality components, Excel Air Systems has developed an extremely effective, yet affordable, atmospheric control system perfect for the serious indoor horticulturist. The Evolution Series was designed specifically for those who want the very best in environmental control.

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