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Posted August 4th, 2010 by Robin Nichols in

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The Horti-Control Dust Shroom is a patent pending reusable foam HEPA filter designed to keep dust, dirt, bugs, mold, and bacteria out of indoor gardens and air cooled reflectors. Horti-Control teamed up with UNI Filter, the world leader in foam filter design for motorcycles, autos, light trucks, and small engines to design a filter for indoor gardeners. This revolutionary filter will keep air cooled reflectors, inline fans, ice boxes, and ducting dust free, and keep mold, mildew, pests and bacteria out of your garden. Each specific Dust Shroom model was engineered on a flow bench for optimum airflow, and is hand crafted by UNI technicians at UNI Filters headquarters in Fullerton, CA. Sizes range from 4″-12″ and every model is washable and reusable (regeneration cleaning kit available) with a 5 year warranty. Email or call 702-968-0420 for more information.

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