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Gas-Purge Vacuum Sealers

Posted June 21st, 2017 by Robin Nichols in

True Liberty® Vacs now offers gas-purge vacuum sealers. It is an industrial strength, 20″ gas-purge vacuum impulse-heat sealer with air-compressor powered arm and retractable nozzle. It reduces packaging time down to just seconds, and the leak-proof seal is more than 1/4″ wide. The gas-purging feature for flushing out oxygen with an inert gas of your choice has a vacuum filter to keep the vacuum pump free of any debris. Once the machine is done gas-purging and vacuuming to your specification, the nozzle retracts and leaves a leak-proof seal. The adjustable gas-purge feature can be turned on and off for only vacuum, impulse-heat sealing. For more information call 888.800.2680, Email or visit

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