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Golf Push Cart Etiquette That You Should Know

Posted July 18th, 2017 by Robin Nichols in

When you are using a golf push cart on the golf course, you should know that there are some specific etiquettes that you must adhere. Generally, these guidelines are tailored for your safety and the turf’s protection. Hence, before going to the golf course, read these basic rules to stay informed:

Every golfer should review the rule of their golf club since every club has its own set.

Be Cautious of the Turf

Oftentimes, coming to a sudden stop and creating sharp turns while using your golf push cart can destroy the turf grass. Aside from that, passing on grasses with water from lawn sprinklers can also damage the push cart, especially if not cleaned right after using. Therefore, don’t drag the golf push cart behind and don’t run while using the equipment.

Keep push carts away from the green to prevent the turn to matte down.

Follow the Cart Path and Other Golf Course Rules

For some golf course, they implement ‘cart path only’ rule for push carts, but for some, they didn’t apply this. Basically, this varies from course to course. When you are utilizing push carts, you have to ask whether the course allows this or not, especially if they don’t  have clear instructions about it.

Always Consider Cart Safety

Always take your golf push carts outside the bunkers to prevent any damage.

 Don’t forget to read the regulation intended by the property for golf push carts. These can give you tips on how you can keep being safe and clean when using a cart. More importantly, you should also use common sense in using the cart. This includes keeping a safe distance when walking with other people.

Steer Clear

Avoid going near tee boxes and greens (keep away from it at least 30 feet). Usually, you can see signs close the greens saying ‘No carts beyond this point’. Furthermore, avoid going with it near bunkers, grassy mounds, or water hazards. The majority of golf courses out there prohibits push carts from going close the fairway of par-3 hole.

Never Take Your Golf Push Cart Close to the Bunker and the Greens

It’s a mortal sin if you’ll put it near or between the bunker and the greens. Moreover, when pushing your carts, make sure to observe every notice with regards to ‘Ground Under Repair.’ Lastly, follow the designated paths.

Don’t Cause Any Obstruction to the Path

Avoid leaving your golf push cart where it can hinder other players. If possible, avoid casting a shadow in their putting lines. Apart from being distracted, it can also affect on how they judge the green’s contour with shadows. Do not step on the line of your fellow player’s putt. Not only it will impact the lay of the green grass, but it will also cause lost concentration and miss putt for the putting golfer.

Unnecessary traffic from push golf carts significantly contributes to undesirable playing conditions.

Park at the back of the greens

It’s a good practice to park the push cart  right at the back of the greens. Perhaps, you may also park it wherever that will let you have the shortest exit once you’re done putting. Several golfers leave the golf push cart in the middle of the path. However, this should be avoided as this could obstruct mobile golf carts and players who are passing by.

Final thoughts

Every golf club has its own set of idiosyncrasies in terms of golf push cart etiquettes. This mainly depends on the course’s layout and culture of the golf club. It also pays off if you’ll ask the staff of the golf course if they have specific rules.

Practicing these rules won’t harm anyone. Instead, it will greatly aid everyone to have a more engaging and successful game. After all, these rules teach us how to respect and have a stress-free golf experience.

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