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Print Advertising

NUGL Magazine is our fastest-growing cannabis lifestyle magazine. We feature real articles about real people from cannabis companies. NUGL Magazine prints and distributes through local dispensaries and tradeshows. We also feature a digital magazine ( and a blog that is updated with content from the community and industry contributors daily. Featured sections within NUGL Magazine include:

  • NUGL $(Money) – Featuring the cannabis financial sector
  • NUGL Nation – Featuring state-specific issues nationwide
  • NUGL MD – Featuring medical and cannabis health news
  • NUGL Grow – Focusing on cannabis, from seed to product

Digital Advertising is an online business directory for ALL types of cannabis companies. We have over 400 business types of profiles that allow companies and people to connect. The NUGL App has these exciting features:

  • Featured Profiles – Gain more exposure and appear at the top of the search results
  • Dispensary Tagging – Brands can tag the locations where their products are sold in our store locator
  • Brand Tagging – Dispensaries and retail locations can tag what brands they sell and display them on their profile page

For more information, you can watch our Feature Friday tutorials on NUGL TV

NUGL TV / Podcast Advertising

NUGL TV is the home of our online video channel and bi-weekly NUGL Podcast, airing every other Wednesday. We currently have two shows on NUGL TV:

  • NUGL Podcast – Hosted by BiggA and E3, we are putting the spotlight on cannabis business owners and how they are helping grow our community
  • Product Reviews by E3 – Hosted by E3, we offer in-depth reviews and tests of new and popular cannabis products

Want your products featured on NUGL TV? We offer many ways to advertise on NUGL TV including story interviews, shout outs, product reviews, banner ads, and product placement. We also offer custom advertising, if you have an idea let us know and let’s make it happen!

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