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Keeping an Indoor Grow Room Free of Contamination

Posted October 5th, 2012 by Garden & Greenhouse in


by Chad McCoy

Containing a contamination free environment is important for a healthy garden and proper maintenance of your lighting equipment and air filtration system are important components of this process. Properly maintaining your air filtration system is high on the list, if you have contaminated airflow it can cause a reduction in light reaching your garden as well as damaging your set-up (Reflectors, Lamps, Air ducting, and Blowers).

You need to maintain your air filtration system on a regular basis by following the filter manufacturer’s directions. If you notice dust or contamination in your reflectors, you should immediately change the filters then clean the reflectors and lamps. If the reflectors are contaminated you will lose reflectivity and in turn reduce light to your garden and less light equals less growth.

Make sure to disconnect all electrical connections before you start cleaning. Be sure to use a lent free cloth with a mixture of distilled water and a mild soap (very little soap). Lightly wipe the inside surfaces and glass of the reflector, making sure to be gentle because rubbing the surface too hard may damage the glass or reflective surface creating a loss of light intensity. Do not touch any surface inside the reflector as your hands may leave oils or finger prints on the reflective surfaces that over time may degrade the surfaces.

If you do touch the surface make sure to re-clean that area. This is especially true for the lamps as their glass surface is extremely hot. If you do touch the glass surface of the lamp you must clean with lent free cloth and a mixture of distilled water and Isopropyl alcohol. Following these simple tips will reward a grower with higher yields through every growth cycle

Chad McCoy is the Vice President and Owner of Titaness Light Shop.