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Factors that Influence the Absorption of Hydroponic Nutrients

Posted December 22nd, 2014 by Robin Nichols in

The art of hydroponics might be considered simply making sure that your plants are able to absorb just enough minerals to grow big and yield well. Hydroponics growers have the advantage of being able to manipulate their nutrient solution to anything they desire. Unfortunately, even the most perfectly balanced nutrient solution in the world will not do you much good if you do not pay attention to numerous other factors.

There are several primary factors that influence hydroponic nutrient absorption.

Root Formation

The basis of all of hydroponics nutrient absorption starts in the roots. If you have thin, sickly, or simple roots, it will not matter how perfectly balanced your nutrients are there simply won’t be enough roots to properly absorb them. So it is imperative that you pay attention to your roots and try to make them as big and complex as you possibly can. This is why it is smart to invest in a good root booster. A root booster won’t just make certain that your plants absorb the right amount of nutrients, they also increase their chances of survival should you ever suffer disease or an equipment malfunction.CESWebAdJune2016

pH Balance

A good pH balance is essential to making sure that your nutrient solution gets absorbed in your plants well. This is why it is wise to invest in some premium grade pH adjusters and to measure your pH balance regularly. If the pH level gets higher than 6.3 or lower than 5.8, make adjustments immediately but slowly. If you try to make too dramatic of an adjustment, you might wind up overcompensating and changing it too far in the other way.


Another major benefit of hydroponic growing is that you are less likely to be influenced by outdoor temperatures. But even if your grow room is well insulated, you still have to pay close attention to your nutrient solution temperature. The ideal temperature for your hydroponic nutrients solution is anywhere between sixty six and seventy one degrees. If it rises above or drops below too far out of this range, you are going to start seeing some problems with your nutrient absorption.

This is why it is important that you purchase a good thermometer for your nutrient solution and check it a couple times a day. Make note the temperature reading at both the hottest and coldest part of the day to ensure that it does not venture too far out of this range.

Nutrient Density

Another major factor that influences how your plants absorb your nutrients is nutrient density. This is simply a measure of how dense the nutrients in your reservoir are. It is measured by examining just how electrically conductive you nutrient solution is. The more electricity it conducts, the more nutrients are present. If nutrient density is too low, there obviously won’t be enough nutrients for the plant to reach its full potential. But if it is too high, it might prevent it from absorbing certain essential nutrients, such as iron.

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