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Some of the largest challenges facing commercial horticulturists are the protection, storage, and transport of a harvest. If not stored or transported properly, large volumes of biomass run the risk of becoming contaminated or losing quality over time. Simply put, a damaged or contaminated harvest equates to a lower return on investment for the grower. After working so hard to cultivate a crop, the last thing any horticulturist wants to see is the fruits of his or her labor spoiling after harvest time.

In order to protect his or her harvest, a horticulturist needs to understand some of the contributors that can negatively affect the quality of the harvested crop. Oxygen, excess moisture and unsterile conditions can all contribute to the degradation of a crop. This is why the ultimate solution to harvest preservation needs to reduce exposure to oxygen and excess moisture, while at the same time provide sterile conditions. But don’t fret; there is a storage solution for commercial growers that can protect the precious harvest from excess oxygen and moisture and provide a sterile environment, free of potential cross-contamination from mold spores or bacteria. That storage solution is the True Liberty Bags Commercial Line of storage bags.

True Liberty Bags Commercial Line

True Liberty Bags All-Purpose Home and Garden Bags are made of 100% BPA-free food-grade nylon. These tough bags are tear and puncture resistant and have the ability to withstand extreme temperature ranges. In fact, the bags and liners are extremely temperature versatile, with a temperature range of -100 degrees F to 400 degrees F (-73 degrees C to 204 degrees C). This means cooking and/or decarboxylation can happen right inside of the bag itself. All True Liberty Bags liners and bags are made from high quality, smell-proof, FDA approved material and provide a sterile place to store a wide variety of gardening items; from biomass to bulk grains to liquid fertilizers. Not to mention offering rain and waterproofing protection for photographic equipment, electronic devices, cigars, cigarettes, and camping, fishing, hunting, biking, boating, or snowboarding gear. In addition to its other, smaller bag sizes, True Liberty Bags offers four commercial size bags to provide supreme storage solutions for commercial gardeners.

8 Gallon Bags

The 8 Gallon Bag is one of the new commercial sizes offered by True Liberty Bags. The 8 Gallon Bags measure 24” x 40” and fit inside a 27 gallon tote bin. This bag can be tied off containing 8 gallons of liquid.

Bin Liners

One of the new and most convenient sizes in the True Liberty Bags commercial line is the Bin Liner size measuring 48” wide x 30” tall. This size bag is made to line a 27 gallon tote bin. This size is very convenient for horticulturists who use 27 gallon totes for the storage of biomass or for a nutrient reservoir because it allows a horticulturist to quickly and easily exchange the liner for a fresh one when necessary. The ability to change the tote liner is a fast and easy solution to cleanliness because each fresh liner provides a new, sterile environment. Tote containers without a liner can get buildup of biomass or other material in the corners of the tote. The leftover residue can harbor pathogens, such as molds or bacteria that could potentially contaminate anything being stored in the tote. Many horse enthusiasts use 27 gallon totes to store and transport their horse feed. True Liberty Bags Bin Liner has become a popular tool to protect animal feed (and the animals). Without the use of a liner, debris can accumulate in the tote. This can create a mold issue or harbor bacteria. By simply replacing the dirty liner with a fresh Bin Liner, a horticulturist can quickly and easily maintain a mold- and bacteria-free storage container.

Ostrich Bags

Another convenient size in the True Liberty Bags commercial arsenal is the Ostrich Bag. This size liner can be used for a 20 gallon trash can or a 30 gallon drum. Again, the ability to remove the liner and replace it with a new, sterile liner is a fast and easy way to maintain cleanliness and avoid pathogens.

55 Gallon Drum Liner

Based on popular consumer demand, the ultimate commercial size True Liberty Bags liner is the 55 Gallon Drum Liner. This size bag lines a 55 gallon drum and can be used to store liquids, food products, biomass, or just about anything that can fit in a 55 gallon drum. Hydroponic growers like the idea of being able to quickly replace the liner of a 55 gallon drum reservoir during reservoir changes or at any time during the growing cycle. In fact, the 55 Gallon Drum Liner, the 30 Gallon Drum Liner, and the Bin Liner (27 gallons) can all be used as an extra line of defense against nutrient solution pathogens in a hydroponic system. If a pathogen enters the hydroponic system, a grower using a True Liberty Bags liner can quickly change his or her nutrition solution and replace the reservoir’s liner with a new, sterile liner. Using a liner by True Liberty Bags for a hydroponic system’s nutrient reservoir reduces labor and gives the grower extra peace of mind.

The Ultimate Harvest Solution

The versatility of True Liberty Bags All-Purpose Home and Garden Bags makes them the ultimate harvest solution. The smell-proof material used is non-permeable which means it has the ability to not only hold in odors, but also stabilize the moisture level, thus creating the optimal conditions for storing and curing culinary herbs or other dried flower products. Stabilizing the moisture level during storage is one of the most important factors in preserving the freshness, odor, flavor and nutritional value of the finished product. A stable moisture level is also a main contributing factor when preserving freshness and flavor over a long period of time. In other words, True Liberty Bags liners and bags can be used to extend the shelf life of a product.

Another huge advantage of True Liberty Bags All-Purpose Home and Garden Bags is that they are relatively inexpensive, which means replacing them is not a huge expense for the gardener. For example, the Bin Liners or the 55 Gallon Drum Liners can easily and inexpensively be swapped out from time to time to provide a new, sterile environment. Without a complete cleaning and sterilization of the tote or drum, a horticulturist runs the risk of contaminating his or her harvest. True Liberty Bags tote liners and drum liners offer a quick and easy solution for providing a sterile place to store the harvest. Depending on the particular crop being stored, the bags can be replaced when necessary to ensure the lowest chance of contamination and the highest overall quality.

Not Just for Commercial Growers

Although the commercial line of True Liberty Bags is extremely impressive, the bags and liners are not just for commercial horticulturists. True Liberty Bags liners and bags come in a wide range of sizes to meet the needs of any size garden or kitchen. There are eight convenient sizes of bags and liners, ranging in size from the Quail Bag (three quart bag), which will hold approximately 1/4 pound of dried herbs, to the 55 Gallon Drum Liners. True Liberty Bags also offers Bottomless Bags, to be cut and sealed to the horticulturist’s preferred size, which are available in 12”, 18”, and 24” widths.

Cooking and Decarboxylation

As previously mentioned True Liberty Bags liners and bags have a wide temperature range and are made from food-grade material. This means a horticulturist can store his or her food products in the bags and can also use the bags for cooking or decarboxylation. The bags can be used for baking, boiling, freezing, or refrigerating. True Liberty Bags smaller bags are compatible with rice or slow cookers. Any meat or vegetable can be brined, marinated and prepared in these versatile bags, and then cooked in the same bag! True Liberty Bags provide an easy and safe tool that minimizes clean-up and, in some cases, cook time. Food prepared in these bags will have its flavors, moisture, and nutritional value preserved.

Commercial horticulturists looking for the ultimate storage, transport, and sterile harvest solution need to look no further than True Liberty Bags. In addition to reducing labor, these tough bags provide the crucial ability of stabilizing moisture levels. Stable moisture levels during the harvest equate to the preservation of odors, flavors, nutritional value, and freshness and also maximize the shelf life. Whether it is for a nutrient reservoir or a feed storage container, the ability to quickly replace a bin or drum liner guarantees a horticulturist a sterile environment and reduced labor costs, including the cost of products used for cleaning and/or sterilizing. All in all, with unlimited potential uses, temperature versatility, and relative low cost, True Liberty Bags liners and bags should be essential tools for each and every home hobbyist or commercial horticulturist.

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