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The Best Strawberry Plants for a Greenhouse

Posted October 15th, 2015 by Garden & Greenhouse in , ,

Whether you are concerned about saving money or simply want to eat better, greenhouse fruits and vegetables are a great addition to the dinner table. One particular summer favorite can be enjoyed earlier every year by growing strawberry plants in your greenhouse, the question is which plants are best suited to this growing environment.

There are three basic types of strawberry plant, summer fruiting, alpine and perpetual fruiting. All of them can do well in a greenhouse, if all other conditions are met, but one particular strawberry plant you may want to avoid is the musk, since it is more prone to mold damage and only produces small sparse fruit. In order to determine which plants are best, you should know what it takes to care for them and the potential reward for your efforts.

Growing Conditions

One of the first things to understand about strawberry plants are the soil requirements they need. Strawberries grow best in soil with a pH of 5.3 to 6.5. These plants grow best in well-drained soil devoid of competition, so careful weeding is a must. They also prefer very sunny conditions, which is why they do well in a greenhouse setting. The roots of the plants should be kept cool so mulch accordingly and keep it one inch below the plant head.

Seedlings or runners do not fare well in very hot conditions so it is best to only place established plants with a well-developed root system in a greenhouse and trim the runners as they appear.

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