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Cyclamen persicum is a Great Plant for Your Greenhouse

Posted February 13th, 2018 by Robin Nichols in , ,

Common Name: Florist’s Cyclamen

Light Needs:  High, indirect light while in bloom and medium light afterwards.

Best Temperatures: 60-70ºF during the day and 40-60ºF at night.

Water and Humidity Needs: Keep the soil moist when they are flowering and afterwards, let them dry between waterings.

Growing Guidelines: Fertilize twice a month from fall to spring.

Common Problems: Spider mites can cause problems and infected plants should be discarded immediately.

Propagation: Cyclamen may be propagated by planting seeds. They seem to  set seeds very easily.

Interesting Facts: Cyclamen come in two types, the small house plant variety, and the larger plants that are grown outdoors in the garden. Cyclamen coum is an outdoor variety of cyclamen that is found in mountainous areas of the Black Sea. It tolerates cooler climates and can be grown in the U.S. if the climate is cool enough.

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