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Maintaining the Optimal Greenhouse Temperature is Important

Building a greenhouse in your backyard is a good idea. There are many benefits to having one in your backyard. With a greenhouse in your backyard you will be able to grow a variety of healthy organic vegetables, fruits and herbs throughout the year, if not all year-long. However you must maintain the proper climate in your greenhouse for the plants to thrive. Greenhouse gardening does require a certain amount of work for it to be successful.

One of the most critical factors in creating the optimal climate for your plants is maintaining the correct temperature. Most plants require a temperature of around 80 degrees Fahrenheit to grow properly. If the temperature is too hot inside the greenhouse your plants could wilt and eventually die. You should
monitor the temperature in your greenhouse on a daily basis. Place a thermometer in the structure at plant level. Keep the thermometer in a shaded area so it will provide you with the correct readings. Take temperature readings during the morning and afternoon. Develop methods to cool off the interior of the greenhouse. Keep the greenhouse doors open to provide ventilation. Remember it is better for the interior of the greenhouse to be slightly cooler than optimal than for it to be too hot.

At the other extreme you don’t want the interior of greenhouse to get too cold. That would certainly be defeating the purpose of your greenhouse. You may want to consider heating the interior of the structure during the winter months. However most plants don’t require really warm temperatures, but can survive in temperatures as low as 36 degrees Fahrenheit. What you want to avoid is frost and freezing temperatures. This means you may not have to heat the interior of your greenhouse during the colder months.

This will help you save some money on maintaining a higher greenhouse temperature during the colder months. Of course the lower temperatures will have a negative impact on your plants rate of growth. You can also place large containers of water inside your greenhouse, as this will moderate the temperature. The water will absorb heat from the air in the day-time and give it off during the night. Remember plants such those which yield citrus fruit, will require a minimum temperature of 45 degrees F to survive.

Providing your plants with fresh air is another important component of creating the proper climate. The plants in your greenhouse garden will not like it when the air becomes to stale. Properly ventilating the interior of your greenhouse is critical. You should develop methods that create healthy convection currents in the greenhouse air.

Maintaining the optimal climate in your greenhouse should be a priority in your daily greenhouse garden routine.

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