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Just as plants grown outdoors need CO2 for photosynthesis so do plants grown in an indoor garden or greenhouse. Oscillating and intake fans are used to bring fresh air (which contains CO2) into the garden space. It can be a challenge for gardeners to provide enough CO2 for photosynthesis to an indoor garden or greenhouse that is packed wall to wall with plants. Without an adequate amount of CO2, the plants will never perform up to their full potential. Sufficient air flow is the key to maintaining ambient CO2 levels within an indoor garden or greenhouse.

However, indoor gardeners and greenhouse growers have the unique opportunity to raise the CO2 level in the garden to levels above that of the ambient air. The ability to increase CO2 levels within the growing space is one of the biggest advantages of the heightened control provided by indoor horticulture. Enriching the growing space with CO2 can boost the rate of photosynthesis and, in turn, boost growth rates. Plants grown in a CO2 enriched environment are generally more robust and can produce larger fruits and flowers. One of the easiest and most cost effective ways a grower can add CO2 to his or her growing environment is to use an ExHale CO2 bag.

The ExHale – Homegrown CO2

ExHale CO2 bags are mycelium-based products that use a special strain of fungus to produce CO2. Founder Glen Babcock spent years researching and searching for the perfect fungus strain to use for CO2 production. The birth of the ExHale Company happened during a trip to China in 2002 when Babcock collected more than 200 fungus strains. One of those 200 strains ended up being the CO2 producing giant that is now used in ExHale CO2 products. Babcock’s expertise in mushroom cultivation taught him that if your goal is to produce a lot of mushrooms, you want a strain that produces fruit easily and consistently.

However, if you are looking for a strain that produces CO2, the opposite is true. A non-fruiting strain will produce more CO2 for a longer period of time. This is because after a strain produces a fruiting body, the CO2 production decreases. In order to find the strain used in ExHale products, Babcock and his team looked closely at each strain’s speed of colonization, its straight of mycelial threads, its inability to fruit, and the amount of CO2 produced. After this tedious process, Babcock focused on one strain in particular that held the most promise. Using his trained eye, the threads of mycelium that showed the most desirable characteristics were selectively transferred and sub-cultured in petri dishes to ensure that the desirable characteristics were preserved. The developed ExHale strain is now kept secure in a number of strain vaults at the ExHale farm and at some off-site locations. The special CO2 producing strain can be found in all of ExHale’s amazing products, from The ExHale Micro to the ExHale 365.

ExHale Micro

The ExHale Micro was developed specifically for use in clone domes and seedling trays. There are many advantages to increased CO2 levels in the cloning/seedling stage, including faster root development, reduced transpiration and a heightened resistance to molds and mildews. Overall, seedlings and clones that are exposed to enriched CO2 environments get a healthier and faster start. The ExHale Micro is guaranteed to enrich a 3.5 cubic foot space with CO2 for three months.

ExHale Original CO2 Bag

The ExHale Original CO2 Bag is designed for small to medium sized growing spaces. These bags are ideal for gardeners who use grow tents or those growing in a roughly 4 x 4 foot area. In fact, the ExHale Original CO2 Bag is guaranteed to provide CO2 to a 4 x 4 foot space (or 128 cubic feet) for six months.

XL ExHale Bag

The XL ExHale Bag was designed for medium to large growing spaces. The XL ExHale Bag is perfect for hobbyists or commercial growers looking to increase production by enriching the growing environment with CO2. The XL ExHale Bag is guaranteed to provide CO2 to a 6 x 6 foot area (or 288 cubic feet) for six months.

ExHale 365

The ExHale 365 is the only mycelium-based CO2 device that is activated by the customer. Its patenting-pending design utilizes a separation seam that allows the spawn pod to be separated from the sterilized substrate until the grower combines the two and activates the reaction. Both retailers and the end user love the fact that this product has a guaranteed three month shelf life. Once the grower decides the time is right, he or she can remove the separation seam and allow the material in the upper spawn pod to fall into the sterilized substrate. Once combined, the award winning ExHale specialty strain will go to work. The peak CO2 production will occur in 30-45 days. The Exhale 365 will continue to release CO2 for nine months. The three months of shelf life combined with the nine months of active CO2 production equate to one year (365 days) and is the reason this product gets the name ExHale 365.

Advantages of ExHale CO2 Bags


At the heart of every ExHale CO2 bag is the award winning strain which produces CO2 and promotes healthy plant growth. Enriched CO2 levels will help a gardener not only produce larger and denser fruit and flowers, but will also help to increase the quality of the harvest. Plants supplied with enriched CO2 levels have the ability to grow to their full potential and produce the highest quality fruits and flowers possible.


Aside from the ExHale Micro (which is guaranteed to produce CO2 for three months), the ExHale CO2 bags can be expected to produce CO2 consistently for at least six months. The longevity and consistency in which ExHale CO2 bags produce CO2 are what really make this product line stand out from all of the rest.

No Heat

Unlike CO2 burners, which create excess heat in the garden space or greenhouse, the ExHale CO2 bags contribute no additional heat to the garden space. This is a big deal because indoor horticulturists and greenhouse growers generally spend a lot of money removing unwanted heat from the growing area. Artificial lighting and/or trapped solar radiation can create so much heat that a gardener is forced to battle it with additional cooling equipment. When a CO2 device creates additional heat, a grower has to absorb the additional cost of cooling which reduces his or her return on investment. ExHale CO2 bags can be added at any time to any grow room without the risk of raising temperatures or needing additional cooling equipment.

No Electricity or Regulators Required

Unlike compressed CO2 canisters, which require electric regulators, ExHale CO2 bags do not need electricity or regulators. Not only is this less expensive because it saves on electrical costs, but it also makes placement in the garden easier since a grower will not need access to an electrical outlet.

Light Weight

The ExHale CO2 bags are light weight which means they can be easily hung above the plant canopy. Since CO2 is heavier than air, it is most advantageous for the CO2 to be administered above the plant canopy. After being emitted, the CO2 will “fall” onto the plants. If it is not possible to hang an ExHale CO2 bag above the plant canopy, it can simply be placed just about anywhere the grower desires.

100% Recyclable

After the ExHale CO2 bag has served its purpose, it can be composted and recycled. The contents of the bag can be thrown on a compost pile or used as a soil amendment. The bag itself can be recycled through the grower’s local plastic recycler.

Best Bang for the Buck

All in all, ExHale CO2 bags are the best bang for the buck for gardeners looking to add a CO2 enrichment system. This is especially true when considering the increased electrical and cooling costs associated with other types of CO2 enrichment systems.

Indoor horticulturists and greenhouse hobbyists are constantly trying to increase the production and the efficiency of their gardens. Enriching a growing environment with CO2 is a great way for a gardener to boost growth rates and to increase the quality and size of the garden’s yield.

Although there are many different ways to administer CO2 in a garden, a horticulturist must look at all of the costs, including the hidden costs that go along with owning and maintaining a CO2 enrichment system. The folks at ExHale have designed multiple mycelium-based CO2 bags that are capable of enriching CO2 levels in both small areas, such as cloning chambers, and large areas, like greenhouses. The fact that the ExHale CO2 bags can consistently produce CO2 for such a long time without adding any heat or requiring any electricity is something that every indoor horticulturist can get excited about.

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