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G&G Cover Story – Greenhouse Misting Kits from Greenhouse Megastore

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Many hobby greenhouse growers have installed misting systems to maintain better control over the environmental conditions in their greenhouse. Misting systems are effective greenhouse devices because they help regulate two critical growth factors: temperature and humidity. In order for plants to thrive within a greenhouse, they must be provided with a suitable temperature and humidity range. Plant growth is hindered when the temperature or humidity swings outside of the desired range. If the temperature is extremely hot or extremely cold, the plants within the greenhouse could perish completely.

Greenhouse misting systems provide a natural evaporative cooling effect that can aid in keeping the temperature and humidity of a greenhouse within the desired range. In a misting system, water is pressurized and sprayed through tiny nozzles; in turn, creating a fine mist around the plants. This mist creates a natural evaporative cooling effect much like transpiration, a plant’s natural cooling process. Most plant species thrive in environments with humidity levels between 50-70%. By implementing a greenhouse misting system, a grower can easily achieve these humidity levels at any time of the year. There is one company in particular that provides high quality greenhouse misting kits for greenhouse growers of all types. That company is Greenhouse Megastore.

Greenhouse Megastore

Greenhouse Megastore is a family-owned business located in the heart of the Midwest. For over two decades, Greenhouse Megastore has been supplying greenhouses and quality horticultural supplies to hobby growers, retailers and commercial growers alike. Greenhouse Megastore prides itself on providing quality products at a competitive price and its unmatched, friendly customer service.

Over the past several years, Greenhouse Megastore has grown to be a leading supplier of hobby and commercial greenhouse structures, greenhouse and garden supplies and much more. Greenhouse Megastore believes the foundation of its success can be attributed to the in-depth level of technical knowledge that comes only from experience in the growing industry. In other words, the folks at Greenhouse Megastore are growers who understand the growing process and the needs of the horticulturist.

The Greenhouse Misting Kits from Greenhouse Megastore

One of many quality products offered by Greenhouse Megastore is the Greenhouse Misting Kit. The Greenhouse Misting Kit comes with everything a greenhouse horticulturist needs to irrigate and mist up to 100 feet of bench-t

op. The Greenhouse Misting Kit is available in four different lengths: 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet, and 100 feet and is designed to mist benches with widths of four to six feet. Greenhouse Megastore’s Greenhouse Misting Kit is modular which means the gardener can purchase additional kits to extend the overall length of the kit.

These misting kits are controlled through the included, easy-to-wire solenoid valve. In fact, every Greenhouse Misting Kit from Greenhouse Megastore comes complete with solenoids, filters, nozzles, PVC fittings, cement, wire, pre-drilled pipe, and easy-to-follow installation instructions. The bench-top design is multifaceted, allowing a greenhouse grower to meet his or her specific needs for irrigation, humidification and evaporative cooling. Automating the misting kit will only help the horticulturist to further save his or her precious time and money. The bench-top misting kit can be paired with any irrigation controller sold at Greenhouse Megastore. This kit is also compatible with the simple and effective Electronic Leaf Mist Controller.

Electronic Leaf Mist Controller

The Electronic Leaf Mist Controller is an automation device that works just like a real leaf in that it determines how much water the plants need. The unit has a thin stainless steel plate which “senses” the mist. This stainless steel “leaf” is what turns the solenoid on or off. The misting system is turned off when the weight of the mist settling on the “leaf” reaches a certain point. When the water evaporates and the “leaf” rises, it triggers the solenoid to begin another misting cycle. The Electronic Leaf Mist Controller should be positioned among the plants for the highest accuracy.

Installation of a Greenhouse Misting Kit

Installing a Greenhouse Misting Kit is a fairly straightforward process. Using Greenhouse Megastore’s detailed instructions, a grower can easily put the misting system together by him – or herself. The assembly process begins with de-burring and beveling both ends of the PVC pipe. Next, thread fittings and adapters to both sides of the solenoid. The solenoid will have indicator arrows to show the direction of water flow. The use of Teflon tape (plumber’s tape) is recommended to prevent any leaks. The only somewhat tricky part is gluing. Great care must be taken when gluing the fitting to the solenoid so glue does not enter the solenoid itself. Getting glue in the solenoid will make the unit inoperable or dysfunctional.

Teflon tape is recommended for threading the mist adapters to the risers and for threading the misters themselves. If the system is going to be supplied by a garden hose, a threaded elbow should be installed before the filter to relieve stress on the filter. The supplied wire on the solenoid can be connected to the 24-volt power source. An Electronic Leaf Mist Controller or a 24-volt timer system can be used to control the solenoid. Other accessories for Greenhouse Megastore’s Greenhouse Misting Kit are available and include riser extensions, different thread adapters and various mist or watering nozzles.

Setting up a misting system in a hobby greenhouse is a great, cost-effective way to control the greenhouse environment. Evaporative cooling, which mimics a plant’s natural cooling process known as transpiration, can be very effective at maintaining cooler temperatures on hot days. For both temperature and humidity control, a Greenhouse Misting Kit from Greenhouse Megastore is the perfect solution for greenhouse hobbyists. The straightforward instructions enable even any level of horticulturist to construct their own Greenhouse Misting Kit. With kits ranging from 25 feet to 100 feet in length, Greenhouse Megastore is sure to have a Greenhouse Misting Kit to meet just about every greenhouse hobbyist’s needs.

Along with the Greenhouse Misting Kits, Greenhouse Megastore is true to its name and carries literally hundreds of products for greenhouse enthusiasts. Drawing on their extensive experience in the horticultural industry and as growers, the customer service representatives at Greenhouse Megastore are willing and able to provide greenhouse gardeners with top-notch service and advice. If you need it for your greenhouse, you are sure to find it at Greenhouse Megastore.

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