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Garden & Greenhouse 2016 Buyers Guide Editor’s Pick – Nuke em by Flying Skull Plant Products

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Flying Skull Nuke em

Flying Skull Plant Products has an array of quality products for indoor horticulturists and greenhouse hobbyists. One of their most interesting products is Nuke em, an OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) certified organic, multipurpose pesticide and fungicide. Nuke em is comprised entirely of food grade ingredients and is safe to use on any edible plant. This powerful product is formulated to kill eggs, larvae, juvenile and adult insects which feed on and damage plants. Nuke em targets all of the nasty bugs that plague greenhouse gardeners and indoor horticulturists, including spider mites, root aphids, leaf aphids, thrips and white flies. It is also formulated to control many varieties of powdery mildew and molds commonly found in gardens. Nuke em can be sprayed directly on buds and blooms the day of harvest to eliminate mold as plant materials dry or it can be used as a spray or rinse to increase the shelf life of berries and fruits while in transit to store shelves.American Agriculture Clone Guard

One of the biggest problems with conventional insecticides and fungicides is that they can contain hazardous chemicals. When applied incorrectly, these products can also be very dangerous and even when they are applied according to the manufacturer’s directions, some adverse reactions may still occur.

Many conventional pesticides leave residual chemicals on the plants that can deteriorate the flavors of fruits, vegetables, and culinary herbs which gardeners have worked so hard to achieve. Another problem with many conventional pesticides is that they can inhibit normal plant functions. Many horticulturists do not realize that many of the commonly used insecticides and fungicides contain harmful oils or petroleum products which can actually hinder photosynthesis. When a leaf’s surface gets residue build up from oils, soaps, or petroleum products, the residue can interfere with the plant’s ability to process light.

Nuke em by Flying Skull Plant Products actually exceeds the state regulations for zero toxic pesticide residue on plant materials and will not alter the taste or smell of growing plants or finished produce. Nuke em does not contain plant oils and will not form oily residues on the plants. Nuke em does not contain any soap and will not leave a soapy residue on the plants. Nuke em does not contain Pyrethrins, petroleum, or chemical surfactants and will not leave those residues on the plants. Simply put, it will never leave residues that could interfere with the plant’s ability to photosynthesize.

What really made Nuke em stand out to me was the broad spectrum of pests and molds that it can effectively treat.  A single product that can effectively treat spider mites, root aphids, and powdery mildew? Sounds great; sign me up! Other facts worth mentioning again are that this product is organic, made from food grade materials and skin contact friendly. I always look for the safest way to treat pathogens in my garden and Nuke em is a great choice. An effective pesticide that is safe to use and will not ruin the flavors and aroma of the plants gives the grower total peace of mind.

As a company, what made Flying Skull Plant Products stand out to me was their very informative website and, most importantly, their meticulously detailed directions for the use of their products. As a gardener and a former owner/manager of a horticultural retail store, I can really appreciate thorough instructions. This is especially important with a product like Nuke em which is a multipurpose product and therefore has different dilution ratios and instructions for its various applications.

All too often horticulturists struggle to find adequate instructions for pesticides. Without proper dilution ratios and adequate application instructions, many gardeners are confused and can inadvertently cause more damage to their gardens than the pest itself would. This is just plain counterproductive and something that every gardener would like to avoid.

Flying Skull Plant Products offers many quality products in addition to Nuke em. One worth mentioning is the Z7 Water Conditioner. A commonly overlooked problem horticulturists face is the water Flying Skull Z7source. Many gardeners aren’t even aware that their water source is not up to par for optimal plant growth. Z7 Water Conditioner can transform almost any water source, from city water, pond water, stream water, or well water, into water that is great for growing plants. In fact, in most cases, Z7 reduces the need for expensive water filtration devices, such as reverse osmosis machines. Aside from conditioning the water, Z7 stimulates healthy root growth.

Healthy roots are the foundation for healthy plants. Many gardeners never attribute the problems they are experiencing above the soil to a potential problem below the soil. Even when a plant appears healthy, there could be issues in the root zone. This is especially true for plants that continue to have problems with pests and disease.

Rectifying problems in the root zone requires energy from the plant which, in turn, lowers the plant’s natural resistance to pests and disease. If more horticulturists focused on creating a healthy root zone, they would have better success because their plants’ natural resistance to pests and disease would be strengthened. Z7 is a unique water conditioner because it stimulates healthy root growth and eliminates the need to use hydrogen peroxide, root whitening products and many enzyme formulas. In my opinion, the ability to eliminate expensive enzyme formulas and still maintain all the benefits of a healthy root system are the biggest selling points for Z7 Water Conditioner.

Another item from Flying Skull Plant Products worth mentioning is Clone Guard. Clone Guard is a specialized formulation designed to eliminate cross contamination of insects or powdery mildew from clones to other plants. Clone Guard is the solution for any greenhouse hobbyist or indoor horticulturist who has experienced the headaches of contracting a pathogen from a newly acquired clone or cutting. Clone Guard “locks out” insects and powdery mildew from clones so they will not contaminate other plants. This is good news for plant collectors who aren’t able to pass up the chance to introduce a new species into the greenhouse or garden.

By treating the clones with Clone Guard, a gardener can rest assured that no unwanted pathogens will be brought into the garden along with the new specimen. Clone Guard also “locks in” water so that freshly cut clones will not require a high humidity environment (usually provided by a humidity dome). By eliminating the use of a humidity dome, the horticulturist automatically reduces the likelihood of molds and mildews that thrive in high humidity environments. Clone Guard works in a way that is similar to the way a window screen separates the home from insects but still allows airflow. Essentially, Clone Guard creates a physical barrier against pest access. Once applied, Clone Guard dries to form a thin, biodegradable protective film. This proprietary film helps to keep clones safe by “locking out” invading insects, molds, and mildews while “locking in” precious water molecules.

Look for their new line of Elite plant food designed for use in production growing. Corporations and small businesses can easily and successfully Brand their produce using the well written Elite Constant Feed Manual. Successful Branding can only be accomplished when plant harvests are extremely consistent. Flying Skull has simplified the feeding processes, concentrated the ingredients and the formula is based on a low EC/PPM TDS delivery to insure a high osmotic transfer of water and nutrients into the plant root system. It even incorporates a product called On Schedule to help the grower determine the day of harvest on a consistent basis.

The Elite plant food line has a low carbon footprint so it can be successfully used in soil, soil less and all hydroponic systems.  A low carbon footprint makes the Elite line of plant food most desirable for hydroponic systems utilizing Deep Water Culture designs. The plant food line complements the highly successful introduction of Z7 and Nuke em’s new technology. Z7 is used with the plant food line to insure root systems a high osmotic transfer and equipment stay clean and free of inanimate slime.

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