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Garden & Greenhouse Cover Story – Excel Air’s Evolution Series Environmental Control System

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img_4429In order to achieve large yields harvest after harvest, an indoor grower has many factors to consider. In essence, an indoor grower is replicating nature by creating an environment suitable for plant growth. For serious horticulturists, who want the biggest return on their investments, this means creating the ideal environment for optimizing plant growth. To do so, a grower must not only provide the plants with quality lighting and nutrition, but also provide environmental conditions conducive to maximizing plant growth. Excess heat and humidity are two difficulties most indoor growers will have to battle.

This is why atmospheric control is so important in maintaining consistent results. Excel Air Systems is a company that prides itself on creating the most versatile and effective environmental control systems available to horticulturists. In fact, Excel Air’s latest environmental control system, the Evolution Series, is designed for those who want the very best in environmental control. The Evolution Series is designed specifically for sealed room applications, making it the best choice for indoor horticulturists who want ultimate control over temperature, humidity and air quality. The innovative module design of the Evolution Series allows for ultimate customization and can be broken down into three distinct modules: the blower module, the coil module, and the compressor module.

The Blower Module (Air Handler)img_8594

The blower module, or air handler, of the Evolution Series is constructed of lightweight, all aluminum framing and houses a dual micro channel slab coil system and fan. The unique dual channel coil system not only allows for precise temperature control, but also allows the unit to provide mass dehumidification. This is a huge advantage for indoor horticulturists with large gardens because the more plants there are in an indoor garden, the more dehumidification that will be required.

The Evolution Series has the capability of removing up to 50 gallons (400+ pints) of water every 24 hours. The blower module houses the main blower (fan) which distributes cool air to the grow room. An innovative fabric duct system can be attached; removing the need for plenums and allowing the horticulturist to evenly distribute cool air to the entire garden. Again, this is a huge advantage for growers with large gardens. It creates uniform atmospheric conditions throughout the entire space and prevents hot or cool spots in the grow room. Turn and lock connection points are used for the thermostat and refrigerant grade fittings which means quick, easy plug and play configurations. The blower module is hardwired and power is then bridged to the condenser unit. There are also side panels on the blower module that can be easily removed for servicing or troubleshooting the unit.

The Coil Module (Condenser)fullsizerender-5

As previously mentioned, a turn and lock connection is used to bridge power from the blower module to the condenser module. The remote compressor can be placed as far as 50 feet away from the blower module. The flexible refrigerant lines can easily be connected to the coil module with the re-sealable ball bearing fittings, making this system truly a plug and play unit because it does not require a special HVAC technician. Like the blower module, the condenser unit also uses the micro channel coils for ultimate performance.

The Compressor Module

img_9793The compressor module is typically housed within the blower module for quiet, discrete operation, but also has the option of being a remote unit. This module is constructed of high quality aluminum and is sound deadened for extremely quiet operation. Due to the compressor module’s remote option, swapping compressors or other customization is fast and simple. Because the compressor module is removed from the outdoor condenser it eliminates the inconvenience of a noisy outdoor unit. It makes the outdoor condenser thinner and lighter and also removes the need for outdoor servicing of the compressor unit, if ever necessary.

The Evolution Series Advantage

The Evolution Series has many distinct advantages due to its module concept. First and foremost, the ability to customize the system to meet the needs of the grower is a huge advantage. In fact, Excel Air Systems has boosted its reputation by building each system from the ground up and specifically meeting the needs of each individual customer. The Evolution Series is available in 24,000 to 60,000 BTU capacities. Its complete plug and play configuration means there is no need for a HVAC technician and that horticulturists can set up their units by themselves. All the critical components use quick-connect fittings which allows a horticulturist to hot swap compressors, control panels, fans and even lines sets. Each individual module can be easily accessed through Excel Air System’s snap panels, making troubleshooting, maintenance, and, in rare cases, repairs effortless.

System Add-Ons

There are many accessories available for the Evolution Series. These, like the system itself, are designed to be simple and highly effective. Any of the add-ons can be integrated into the system at any time. The add-ons for the Evolution Series include an UV air purifier, an airflow dispersion system, an inline filtration module (for odor control), a multi-zone controller, an electric heater and a hanging kit. Any of them can be purchased and incorporated by the grower at any time. This is just another example of the versatility and innovation of the Evolution Series by Excel Air Systems.

Excel Air Systems

Excel Air Systems is a family-run business located in British Columbia, Canada. Excel Air has become a leader in designing and manufacturing specialty air conditioning systems for indoor horticulturists. One of the most impressive aspects of the Excel Air company is its willingness to educate gardeners from the beginning in order to help them make informed decisions regarding the air conditioning and dehumidification needs of their gardens. Excel Air Systems employs extremely talented HVAC technicians and an educated sales staff who truly want to help their customers succeed. Developing products of the utmost quality, such as the Evolution Series Environmental Control System, along with unmatched customer service, and complete customer satisfaction are all top priorities for Excel Air Systems.

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