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Garden Maintenance and DIY Safety Tips for Winter

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Most DIY work done outside the home and in the garden is easier to complete in pleasant weather. But that doesn’t mean that when the winter rolls around that you can just ignore things that need to be done. You still need to maintain your garden to keep it in good shape for the coming spring. And some exterior DIY tasks will still rear their head when the weather is cold. But it’s also important to remember that DIY and garden maintenance are inherently riskier in the winter due weather and the fewer daylight hours. So here are some tips to help you remain safe this winter when you need to get stuck into some work around the house.

Use High Quality Equipment

Perhaps the most important safety tip for any kind of home DIY or garden maintenance is to use quality tools that are fit for the job. Old, worn and broken tools not only make it harder to complete the work, but can also be dangerous to use. Before starting any task thoroughly check your tools to ensure that they are in good condition. Safety should be the number one priority and any equipment or tools that have seen better days need to be replaced.

Keep Tools Protected

Too many people don’t take the time to properly store their equipment, reducing its lifespan and potentially making it hazardous. Any equipment made from steel that is left at the mercy of the elements will begin to rust and weaken, a problem made only worse by winter weather. All ladders and access equipment should need to be stored correctly. Working above the ground puts you at a higher risk and the tools you use need to be reliable and as safe as possible.

Keep Walkways and Paths Clear

Slippery garden paths can be a nightmare during winter. Even if it looks safe, ice and slush can leave a path slick and dangerous to walk on, especially if you are lifting tools or carrying out work. Make sure to remove any snow and de-ice walkways and paths before beginning any outside DIY project.

Dress for the Weather

Make sure to dress appropriately to stay warm. Not dressing properly can result cold hands, losing dexterity and potentially even dropping heavy objects. This can be a serious hazard with any kind of DIY or gardening. Additionally, if it is cold but sunny you still need to take precautions by applying sun screen before working outside for extended periods of time. You can get sunburned in the cold just as you can on hot summer days. It also makes sense to check the forecast before starting any work. Winter weather can be volatile so make sure you are aware of the weather forecast before you start work, even if it looks like a relatively nice day when you start the project.

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