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A Look at Dome and Classic Style Greenhouses

Posted December 18th, 2017 by Robin Nichols in ,

When most people think about a small round greenhouse, a dome or conservatory is what they are actually thinking of most of the time; because the two styles of small round greenhouses are very different finding exactly what they have in mind can be difficult.

Dome style greenhouses usually are available in two main varieties; one which is a box on the bottom with a rounded top, they look much like commercial style greenhouses or a miniature version of an indoor sporting arena. The second will look like half of a soccer ball sticking out of the ground; these small round greenhouses usually have opaque plastic for heat absorption and retention.

The small round green houses with a “sports arena” feel are widely available in many retailers as a greenhouse kit; these kits are made for people to put together themselves and are often available in a range of sizes from sixteen by eight feet or larger.

For people who love the classic gazebo type of small round greenhouse, they may actually be thinking of a Classic English conservatory; these buildings look much like a round gazebo yet completely paned in and a lovely glass peaked roof.

These conservatory style small round greenhouses have a beauty and feel of rich architecture; their size and style will compliment any home while providing the opportunity for year round fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other foliage.

Greenhouse Gardening Basics

Some basic points to keep in mind when greenhouse gardening are: one, choosing the location of the greenhouse; two, choosing the pots for the plants; three, choosing the plants; and four, caring for the plants.

Choosing a location for the small round greenhouse is simplified by the fact that the structure is compact; choosing a spot with very little shade and good to excellent sun exposure year round is important.

The pots for the plants should be chosen by material and size; some plants such as lettuce or eggplant will do well in medium sized pots of 6-12 inches per plant, while other plants such as carrots would do well in deep rectangular planters.

The material for the pots should be a porous material that will allow the roots of the plant to breathe such as clay or wood; most plant will grow fine in containers provided they are cared for properly. Potted plants need plenty of water and fertilizer; they will need more water and fertilizer than in ground plants.

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