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Agavaceae is A Great Plant for Your Greenhouse

Posted December 22nd, 2016 by Robin Nichols in , ,

Plant Name: Agave spp.

Common Name: Century Plants.

Light Needs: Protect from hot sun.

Best Temperatures: Average Temperatures.

Water and Humidity Requirements: Allow to dry between waterings. Low humidity is fine with this plant.

Growing Guidelines: Grow in a mixture of sand and soil; add a teaspoon of ground limestone to the mix. This plant likes to be pot bound so move it only when the pot begins to warp or break. Fertilize it once a year in the spring.

Common Problems: Too much water can lead to root rot.

Propagation: Offsets from the base and seeds.

Interesting Facts: Many of these plants grow in dry, hot climates and some grow in the desert. Well-known plants of this family are the agave, yucca and Joshua tree. The family includes about 550-600 species in around 18 genera. It is widespread in the tropical, subtropical and warm temperate regions of the world.

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