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Choosing the Best Herb Drying Rack

Posted February 3rd, 2017 by Robin Nichols in ,

During harvest season one of the most popular items are drying racks. However, drying racks come in many different sizes and versions, making picking the right one a little challenging. 

Styles of Herb Drying Racks

Hanging Drying Racks with Clips

A plain and simple metal dry rack with clips is for hanging branches to dry trim later. These are the go-to if you prefer to clip and hang branches for dry trimming. Just hang the branches, let them dry and trim them when it is convenient.

Stackable Drying Racks

Stackable drying racks are square stackable screens used to dry plant materials. The benefit of stackable dryers is that they don’t require a hanging point or 5-6 feet in height. Stackable drying racks can be set on flat surfaces and is more compact between tiers.

Mesh Hanging Drying Racks

The standard mesh drying rack is a plain open air mesh hanging rack. Smaller single tier versions often have open tops, while multi-tier dry racks will be closed between levels but have an opening in the front on each level.

Hanging Drying Racks with Clip-on Levels

Drying Racks with clip-on levels allow you to disconnect unused levels so they are not hanging empty. Additional levels can be clipped onto the main unit as needed. Unfortunately these units usually won’t have individual hanging supports for each clip-on section so each section can’t be used independently without some modification.

Hanging Drying Racks with Zipper Openings

Each level of a drying rack with zipper openings is enclosed and has a zippered cover over the opening. The completely mesh enclosed system helps prevent unwanted debris or pests from entering the dryer.

Choosing a Drying Rack

The first step in picking a drying rack is ascertaining how much room is available for it. Be sure to measure for diameter as well as height. It is a good idea to add a few extra inches to your measurement to compensate for when the dryer is fully loaded because it will hang lower than when it is empty.

After measuring for space, estimate the size of your harvest and how quickly you’ll be processing it. You can layer a little extra in each level if needed, but thinner layers of herbs are best to ensure proper air circulation. Once you’ve got a rough estimate of the harvest it can be decided if a 2 or 3 foot drying rack is appropriate.

Background information for this article was provided by Rogue Hydro.

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