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Proper Care for Ground Orchids

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Ground Orchid

Ground Orchids, or Spathoglottis Pilata, are a plant from the Orchidaceae family. They flower year round and are native to southeastern Asia and the Philippians. They are found in the colors of white, lavender, violet, light pink, orange and yellow.

There are several conditions that need to be addressed about the care of these orchids. These include the type of light, humidity, spacing, how often to water, how to water, what type of soil or covering is best and lastly, what type of fertilizers, if any should be used.


The Ground Orchids grow best when they are provided light shade from the sun’s harmful rays. They like light just not direct light in the heat of the day.


They do not like it extremely humid but they do thrive in about 75-80 % humidity. This is not required though, but they do prefer it.

Spacing Requirements

Ground Orchids should have 3-6 inches between each other. From one cluster it is possible to split and make 3 or more individual plants.


Watering the flowers regularly is the key. Do not let the flowers wilt or dry up by not receiving enough water. How much water depends on the type of cover or medium being used. A plant should not sit in water yet it should have enough that the media stays irrigated. Too little water and your plant and flowers will shrivel and wilt; too much water and they will start to collect harmful bacteria that can eventually kill your orchid.


The coverings best suited for these Orchids are moss or stones. Any media that allows the water to flow through to the roots and have sufficient room for the roots to grow will be alright to use.

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