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5 Great Smelling Houseplants

Posted December 11th, 2015 by Garden & Greenhouse in ,

Houseplants can bring beautiful color and wonderful aromas to a home or office. Houseplants include a stunning array of leaf textures and colors, and come with aromas that range from spicy and warm to flowery and rich. These plants are both attractive and have a great aroma.

Scented Geranium

A scented geranium has fuzzy, soft foliage and a variety of leaf shapes, form shield to lacy. They also include a pleasant array of smells, including chocolate, ginger, nutmeg, lime, lemon and rose. These plants prefer areas of the home that get regular sunlight and are protected from drafts. A regular watering and application of plant food is required to make sure the plants thrive.

Arabian Jasmine

A shrubby vine like the Arabian jasmine is able to flower year-round provided it has access to enough light. These plants produce white colored flowers that emit a light flowery aroma. An Arabian jasmine grows best in bright areas that get a lot of humidity and protected from drafts. Plants need feeding in the spring with a specialized house plant fertilizer and need regular watering.


A citrus plant offers the sweet citrus scent of grapefruit, lemon, orange, or similar blossoms. These plants need a spot in the home that gets constant sunlight with plenty of humidity and is also free of drafts. A plant fertilizer is required in spring and summer, while a regular watering is required. Growing a citrus plant from seed can be difficult and is a slow project, so you may want to consider purchasing an established plant.


Even though the eucalyptus isn’t seen as a typical houseplant, it can still make an attractive option in any high-light area of the home or office. These easy-growing trees have gray-blue foliage and a striking smell that is noticed when the plant is rubbed. These plants need a regular watering year-round. Also, the eucalyptus can benefit from a regular pruning which keeps it bushy and full.

Sweet Bay

A slow-growing shrub like the sweet bay is a versatile and hardy plant that grows with large shiny green foliage and produces a sweet herbal smell. This plant grows best in areas of the home that enjoy medium to full light. A regular watering is required in the spring and summer to keep the soil moist, while the potting mix can be slightly drier during the cooler months. A sweet bay can also benefit from high humidity.

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