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Can CBD Oil Make Anxiety Worse?

Posted July 18th, 2019 by Garden & Greenhouse in

Ever since CBD oil made its way to the medicinal world, skeptics have found ways to shoot it down.

We understand why this could, and would, be a dilemma. CBD oil is new to the world (or at least it’s new to the world as a treatment method). So, per normal human response, we question the credibility behind it.

The same thing happened when the first cancer pill was released. The same thing happened when the first HIV medication was released. The same thing happened when the first birth control contraceptive was released.

We have questions. We want answers. We hope that we aren’t putting something harmful into our bodies – because if we are, we’re taking a risk; we’re gambling with the treatment method, and sometimes, the side effects prove to us that our bodies cannot handle every course of action we put them through.

So, when it comes to CBD oil, what are the questions we automatically ask?

Well, for starters, we know CBD oil has undergone several studies, with each study proving beneficial. CBD oil has been known to help people and pets with ailments and medical conditions such as pain, inflammation, epilepsy, appetite, sleep, and anxiety, amongst other instances.

But we’re going to narrow in on anxiety today.

Which, in turn, begs the question: Can CBD oil make anxiety worse?

Instead of just listing off the facts for you to read, we’re going to tell you a story about a woman that used CBD oil to treat her anxiety. Long story short? No, the natural treatment method does not make anxiety worse, but let’s have a little fun and see what CBD oil did to improve Kelsey’s overall life – especially her anxiety.

Kelsey’s Story

She was skeptical – and she had every right to be. Kelsey’s anxiety was out of control, and every time she thought about CBD oil, her mind immediately wandered to her consuming marijuana. In her college days, marijuana just made her anxiety worse, leading to complete paranoia; so, you can see why she was not so crazy about consuming CBD in the first place.

That’s when Kelsey started to conduct her research. She learned that CBD oil was completely legal and 100% safe to consume, with no ‘high-like’ side effects. Knowing this information officially calmed her nerves down, and she decided to try it after experiencing jet lag while taking a trip out to California.

Kelsey followed the directions on the bottle. They told her to put one full dropper of the oil onto her tongue, and so she did. And so she waited.

About 30 minutes later, she was surprised with the results – instead of feeling sleepy (an effect that melatonin can bring on), she felt relaxed. Her heart stopped pounding, her legs stopped being restless, and her mind stopped over-thinking. Her physical relaxation then led to her mental relaxation, and she drifted off to sleep a little while after.

Kelsey never felt high after consuming CBD oil. She experienced no adverse side effects. And, she was able to calm her body and mind – A.K.A. freeing herself from her anxiety.

CBD made her less anxious. CBD made her less edgy. CBD allowed her to get a full night’s sleep – she was able to even focus more at work because of more sleep and less anxiety.

Kelsey needed CBD to help calm her anxiety, and the natural remedy can help you get over your anxiousness, too. Trust us when we say, we wouldn’t steer you wrong when it comes to CBD oil.