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Tips for Conquering Mold in Your Grow Room

Posted December 4th, 2007 by Garden & Greenhouse in

Ever notice how badly some people suffer from mold and fungus in their growing areas and yet others seem to never fall into its grip? A climate control device can help you avoid the mold and fungus problems associated with many growing areas.

One of the greatest causes of mold and fungus is night time dew-point. The same effect you see when the evening dew in spring and autumn suddenly makes clothes wet on the wash-line, is the same thing that makes your plants gather moisture. It’s the fast falling temperature in the change from day to night where there is high humidity in a grow room. Once mold is in your room it’s very difficult to eliminate, so start with a clean growing are and with a plan to stay clean.

The best way to reduce the chance of this “dew-point effect” is to limit the temperature fall and potential condensation on to the cooler leaves of your plants. Using large fans to evacuate the air in your room, especially if cool night air is being drawn in, actually makes this condition worse. So you should use small fans that make slower changes to your room’s climate by lowering the humidity and temperature together, so that dew-point doesn’t occur.

Controllers limit the temperature fall into the night period, managing and monitoring the conditions to avert dew point, plant stress and to maximize crop strength.

Tony Olissoff is with Harvest Master.

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