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Most New Lighting Technologies Still Struggle to Compete with Yields Produced by HPS & HIDs

Posted April 12th, 2015 by Eric Hopper in

Revolutionizing the 1000w Fixture: The HSE NXT2

Although there is no shortage of new lighting technologies being introduced, high intensity discharge, or HID, lighting systems are still the staple for indoor horticulture. Most of the new lighting technologies are still unable to compete with the growth rates and yields produced by high pressure sodiums and metal halides. While many manufacturers are concentrating their efforts on reinventing the wheel, other companies are putting their efforts toward improving the efficiency of HID fixtures. This is exactly what P.L. Light Systems has done with their revolutionary HSE NXT2 1000w fixture. In fact, the HSE NXT2 could very well be the pinnacle of 1000w horticultural fixture designs.

The Design

When designing the HSE NXT2, P.L. Light Systems took everything they learned from developing past models and set out to develop the most technically advanced fixture available to the horticultural market. The HSE NXT2 has an electronic driver which allows for quiet and efficient operation. The HSE NXT2 also utilizes an all-new custom aluminum ballast compartment with built-in heat fins which reduce the electronic driver’s operating temperature by 6%. The reduction of operation temperature increases both the efficiency and longevity of the unit. Another change to the ballast itself is a hinged compartment which makes servicing super simple. P.L. Light Systems also incorporated a breathable membrane in the HSE NXT2 which keeps dust and dirt out but still allows for excellent ventilation. This ventilation around the ballast equates to even cooler operation and increased longevity. P.L. Light Systems redesigned the lamp holder assembly as well. The new single-part casting with lock sockets makes bulb changes much quicker and easier.

Double Ended Lamp

The HSE NXT2 utilizes a HPS 1000w double ended lamp which has increased light levels by up to 20%. Double ended bulb technology has actually been used in other sectors for years but only recently has been introduced to the horticultural industry. There are many benefits to double ended (DE) technology. The most significant benefit to horticulturists is extended lamp life. In fact, DE bulbs degrade about half as fast as standard mogul-based bulbs which means they can be used for horticultural purposes twice as long. The other huge advantage of DE bulbs is an increased light output level.

Reflector Options

To best meet the demanding needs of indoor horticulturists, the HSE NXT2 has two distinct reflector options: the Alpha or the Beta. The Alpha reflector is designed for uniformity and the most even dispersion of light levels possible. The Beta is designed to produce a more focused output for increased light levels.

There are many light technologies for horticulturists to choose from. High intensity discharge lamps, especially double ended bulb fixtures, are sure to remain the industry standard for some time. The HSE NXT2 may very well be the best lighting option currently available to horticulturists. If you are going to grow, you might as well grow with the best. Check out the HSE NXT2 today!

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