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CO2 Cultivator

Posted October 29th, 2012 by Garden & Greenhouse in


EZ CO2, a vented, natural carbon dioxide (CO2) cultivator, benefits plant growth by promoting earlier flowering, higher yields, improved stem strength & larger flower size. EZ CO2 enables these advantages because plants use the process of photosynthesis to convert water, sunlight, and CO2 into sugars and other materials essential to their growth and overall nutrition. EZ CO2 houses a non-fruiting mycelial mass (fungus) and this cultivates CO2 and the microporous breather patch releases CO2 continually for up to 6 months. The fungus works opposite a normal plant: it breathes in oxygen and breathes out carbon dioxide. EZ CO2 is odor-free, produces no heat, and requires no set up. Simply place the bag in your greenhouse and let it go to work. For more information call 510.550.0018 or visit

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