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Coco Grow Medium

Posted September 1st, 2014 by Robin Nichols in

DL Wholesale Coco Coir Grow Medium

Root Royale Cocopure is a natural growing medium produced from premium grade coconut husks. Root Royal has a high water absorption rate and maintains 30% air porosity, which results in optimum growing conditions for plants. The coco coir consists of 45% cellulose material which prevents the growing medium from compacting or decomposing. All Root Royale Cocopure goes through an aging and wash treatment to reduce EC readings. Root Royal Cocopure is free of harmful parasites or diseases and RHP certified. Growing with RootRoyale Cocopure allows for stronger root formation, heavy growth and yields. It is available in 50L Bags or 5Kg Bricks. For more information visit

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