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Garden & Greenhouse Product Review – Gualala Robotics Rail Hangars for Greenhouses

Posted January 4th, 2013 by Garden & Greenhouse in

Gualala Robotics Light Rail

Rail Hangers for Greenhouses and Tents by Gualala Robotics and LightRail

Greenhouse and Tent Rail Hangers are designed and manufactured by Gualala Robotics  and LightRail. These hangers are the solution for hanging LightRail light movers in greenhouses and can fit on any crossbar or support rod up to 1.25 inches in diameter. The benefits of supplemental lighting in a greenhouse are well documented and LightRail gives greenhouse growers the added benefit of moving your light promoting even light distribution from all angles. This leads to reduced shadow patterns, better yields, saved energy and money due to having to purchase fewer lights. LightRail has been manufactured in made in the USA for 26 years.

Moving light gives the grower increased light coverage. In fact moving one light on a 6 foot (2 meter) rail a distance of 3 to 4 feet can increase a light’s coverage by up to 23%. This leads to fewer lights being needed to cover the same area. It also creates better angled light to the mid and lower leaves leading to more photosynthesis with more of the plant working harder to produce. The end result equals much better yield.

It is possible to lose as much as 60% of a grow light’s energy because static lighting lacks the ability to diversify itself by maximizing your plant’s energy absorbing surfaces at the correct intensity. Moving a light offers considerable flexibility in terms of plant to lamp tolerance (less heat) and plant spacing. LightRail provides light intermittently on more leaves during 40% of the photoperiod and at the correct intensity, so the maximum LAI (Leaf Area Index) can be achieved.

The sun moves and so should your light and now all the benefits of LightRail are available to the greenhouse gardener with our new to the industry, LightRail Greenhouse and Tent Rail Hangers.

For more information contact:

Gualala Robotics
2535 Copper Ridge Drive
PO Box 774288
Steamboat Springs, CO 80477
P – 877.674.9294


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