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G&G Product Review – D&D Propagation Cups

Posted February 8th, 2018 by Robin Nichols in

D&D Propagation Cups offer a simple 3 step process to cloning plants. The user simply:

  1. Chops a stem from a healthy mother plant
  2. Drops it into a D&D Propagation Cup
  3. Grow – Relaxes and lets the new clone grow

It is an ideal rooting system for any easily propagated plant and acts as a complete, fertile biosphere that that can held in the grower’s hand.  It is reliable, portable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. D&D Propagation Cups are also resistant to tampering, while helping reduce environmental instability and human error. These cups help reduce the stress of maintaining trays, individualizing strains and watching for potential diseases and mix-ups.

D&D Propagation Cups are a new plant propagation that offers clones through isolation. This is accomplished by growing each clone in its own sealed, maintenance-free cup that offers the plants all the nutrients needed for fast and healthy root development until they are transplanted. While in the process of forming roots, each clone thrives in a self-contained environment, allowing the plant to recycle water and stay moist through condensation. The cups are tamper proof, keep clones sheltered from diseases, and eliminate the possibility of one strain getting mixed up with another

Clone growers, hydroponic shops and indoor gardening retailers and anyone who grows orchids, many ornamental and food crops or any plant that that propagates easily is a candidate to use the D&D Propagation Cups. All the grower has to do is ensure the mother plant is healthy and keep the cups under the right conditions. The cups will complete all other tasks.

The cups improve productivity by saving the significant time and energy by eliminating the need to adjust pH, or sanitize the trays. They also offer significant savings by eliminating the need to purchase buy nutrients or hormones. Since the clones are separated, diseases can’t spread to the rest of the tray and even better, once the clones are set, rooted and labeled, you can’t mix up the strains.

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