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G&G Product Review – FloraMax Nutrients & Additives

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Horticulturists are always on the lookout for the ultimate feeding regimen. In order to maximize plant performance, many growers opt to mix and match various manufacturer’s products until they find the perfect blend of nutrients. One company in particular has developed a complete line of nutrients designed to take the guesswork out of growing and to provide growers with the ultimate solution for nutrition. That company is FloraMax. Their product development capabilities are backed by over 50 years of experience as analytical chemists in horticulture, 25 years as nutrient chemists and rigorous crop trials and feedback from over 50 industry professionals.

Their product line-up provides a complete growing solution for gardeners and includes essential products often missing from other nutrient lines, such as resin enhancers, silica, clone sprays, pathogen control, and calcium and magnesium supplementation.  With the use of the highest grade ingredients available, FloraMax contains a sophisticated blend of both organic and inorganic ingredients.

One of their biggest achievements is ensuring that the full line-up works cohesively to unlock the true genetic expression of the plant, resulting in a clean, uncontaminated final product. When a plant is flowered by FloraMax, you are experiencing the genetic profile of the plant, not the nutrient inputs. This feature could only be achieved through strict, unbiased and extensive field testing – over many years.

FloraMax’s long history in the hydroponic industry has bred a product design mandate combining simplicity and effectiveness. In order to truly be effective, a nutrient regiment has to be consistent, foolproof and repeatable across a range of conditions and users. The FloraMax regiment eliminates tedious dosing procedures in that there is no waiting; simply measure, pour then stir. The resulting pH stability is over 500% more than the most highly buffered brands available. As an example, when growing in recirculating systems, growers will typically use about 5 times ‘less’ pH Down than normal. This adds considerable ease-of-use and eliminates potentially costly mistakes, a particularly critical factor for both hobbyists and large commercial operations.

All batches of FloraMax are manufactured by an in-house chemist and then quality tested. This is especially beneficial for growers. Due to the consistent manufacturing methods and quality assurance testing, they can rely on these products to demonstrate uniform results harvest after harvest. FloraMax’s core base nutrient product line consists of media-specific base formulas, including Coco A+B, Soil A+B, and Hydro A+B.

Coco A+B

FloraMax Coco A+B is a professional, Dutch-style, two-part nutrient that is used throughout both the vegetative and flowering cycles. The Coco A+B formula provides seed-to-harvest nutrition. This means there is not a separate A+B solution for vegetative and bloom like other manufacturer’s products. Simply put, the Coco A+B formula is less confusing and more convenient than other products on the market. In addition to a single formula for both veg and bloom, Coco A+B by is balanced, pH buffered specifically for coco, and contains no unnecessary ingredients. This formula will not clog drip emitters and, perhaps most importantly, requires no pH adjustment.

Soil A+B

Like the Coco A+B formula, Soil A+B is a professional, Dutch-style, two-part nutrient designed to be used during both the vegetative and flowering cycles. Soil A+B is balanced, pH buffered specifically for soil, and contains no unnecessary ingredients. The lack of unnecessary ingredients in FloraMax’s base line-up renders a final harvest with a much cleaner taste, better flavors, and enhanced aromas. The simplicity of their base nutrients cannot be stressed enough. FloraMax Soil A+B requires no pH adjustment or complex mixing and will not clog drip emitters. No fiddling with pH adjustments, spending less time mixing and dosing, and not having to deal with clogged emitters are benefits that provide much more than just convenience. All of these benefits save time and money, which, at the end of the day, leads to a larger return on investment. Soil A+B provides all of the nutritional needs in both the vegetative and flowering cycles to lay the foundation for consistent, prolific harvests.

Hydro A+B

Hydro A+B is a professional, Dutch-style, two-part nutrient specific for hydroponic applications. Hydro A+B is designed to be used throughout both the vegetative and flowering cycles without the need for any complex mixing procedures. Most impressively, the pH stability of Hydro A+B will only require minimal pH adjustment. Unlike other hydroponic nutrients, where the grower is constantly adjusting the pH, a grower who uses Hydro A+B by FloraMax is able to concentrate his or her efforts on other important aspects of gardening. Arguably the two most critical factors of a hydroponic nutrient regimen are that it provides strong pH stability and will not cause blockage or build up in the hydroponic system. Hydro A+B addresses both of these critical factors and, again, saves the horticulturist’s time and money.

Core Additives

In keeping with the theme of effective ease of use, FloraMax has packed multipurpose functionality into just 4 core additives. In combination with the nutrient base, these additives assist a crop to achieve its full potential. Notably, the additive suite satisfies more growth criteria than other nutrient line-ups over twice the size. FloraMax’s core additives include Root-XS, Flowering Enhancer, Resin-XS, and OrganaBud.


Root-XS is designed to promote explosive root development which accelerates plant growth and helps achieve faster crop rotations. Root-XS promotes root “hairs” that are strong and healthy. This ensures maximum nutrient uptake throughout all stages of growth. With the addition of Root-XS to a fertilizer regimen, plants can be pushed harder, leading to faster crop rotations. Root-XS helps negate stress, especially at times of transplant or transition to new stages of growth. Like all FloraMax products, Root-XS does not contain any PGRs (plant growth regulators). Using Root-XS will help gardeners grow plants with greener, healthier foliage that exhibit less signs of stress. Root-XS can be used as both a root drench and/or a foliar spray.

Flowering Enhancer

Flowering Enhancer is a core additive that promotes strong and healthy floral blooms. The carefully balanced combination of potassium and phosphorus, along with supplemented calcium and iron chelate, helps strengthen plant structure during the heavy fruiting/flowering stage. One of the biggest problems growers have during the flowering stage is a fluctuation in pH which negatively impacts flower density and overall yield. Flowering Enhancer by FloraMax actually locks the pH below 6.5 in coco coir and soil and minimizes the need for pH adjustments in hydroponic systems. The pH locking power of Flowering Enhancer prevents a multitude of problems commonly associated with other bloom enhancers, including leaf curl, stunted growth, and withered fruit-set. Many of the popular flowering additives cause the pH to rise well above 6.5, regardless of water quality. FloraMax Flowering Enhancer allows a gardener to rest assured that his or her pH will not rise above the desired range and cause unwanted effects. Instead, Flowering Enhancer will stabilize pH levels and give the plants the extra boost they need in the flowering stage to produce enormous fruits and flowers.


Resin-XS is a specialized flowering additive that is used in conjunction with “PK” additives. Resin-XS aids in photosynthesis to improve sugar content which, in turn, increases flavors and fruit/flower weight. In addition to improving the plant’s ability to absorb water and other nutrients, Resin-XS increases essential oil production. Over the two years of final testing and commissioning, there was no other additive capable of competing with Resin-XS. The ingredients found in Resin-XS have been proven to be uniquely stable, which means growers can rely on consistent results at every harvest. FloraMax test studies indicate over 30% improvement in trichome population and independent labs have verified significantly higher concentrations of essential and total oils than other leading products. Furthermore, Resin-XS will not induce foul odours or bio-films in the reservoir and for consumer protection contains no PGRs.


OrganaBud is a 100% organic additive created to improve the root zone environment. It contains a carefully stabilized solution of Ascophyllum Nodosum sea kelp, fulvic acid, humics, vitamins and other stimulants. Most brands will pack these ingredients across multiple bottles, however, FloraMax’s trademark stability has been used to deliver a fully soluble product that runs so clean that it is both suitable for aeroponic applications and has a shelf-life in excess of 3 years.

The organic ingredients in OrganaBud were extracted with the latest technologies. These technologies utilize effective, yet gentle, techniques to ensure the beneficial organic compounds are not compromised. Because of the careful extraction processes, OrganaBud provides a natural source of amino acids, gibberellins, cytokinins, auxins, and betaines. In other words, it is chock-full of valuable plant hormones and other beneficial plant stimulants. The fulvic acid contained in OrganaBud is sourced from leonardite and provides the most bio-active plant-derived version of fulvic acid. Fulvic acid acts as a chelator to aid nutrient uptake and also increases the caution exchange capacity (CEC) of the medium. OrganaBud’s aim is to improve overall plant health and vitality, help stimulate and promote fruits/flowers, and enhance the plant’s resistance to pest insects and diseases.

More Products from FloraMax

In addition to its core additives, FloraMax offers growers additional additives to further enhance their nutrition regimens. Although most fertilizer manufacturers do not supply all of the specialized additives, FloraMax is a one-stop shop for everything a plant needs for optimal nutrition. Their other additives include a ‘potassium silicate’ based silica formula that possesses an indefinite shelf-life, a clone spray with a balanced combination of macro and trace elements that contains a built-in wetting agent, a Ca-Mg-Fe formula that cures/prevents plant nutrient deficiency issues by “bulletproofing” secondary trace element nutrient presence even if pH rises above 9, and a cloning gel for cuttings that has indefinite shelf-life – even after been opened and used countless times. FloraMax also has a System Maintenance formulation that prevents bio-films and blockages, and is 100% organic and compatible with beneficial bacteria, live systems and enzymes.

Growers who wish to receive the most from a nutrition regimen and, at the same time, wish to simplify their grow operations, need to look no further than FloraMax; after selecting one of the core nutrition base formulas (depending on the medium), a grower can follow the simple dosage instructions. The pH buffers will not only free up the grower’s time, but will also provide an environment where plants can more efficiently and effectively absorb nutrients. In addition to the nutrient base formula, growers can achieve even better results by incorporating FloraMax core additives. Simple and straightforward has never been so productive. The science behind every container of FloraMax’s products ensures consistency and professional results. It’s no wonder FloraMax’s tagline is “Your harvest is our priority”.

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