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G&G Product Review – Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Posted November 18th, 2017 by Eric Hopper in

Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouse: Distributed by Exaco Trading Company

Whether it is to extend the growing season or to get an early start in the spring, purchasing a greenhouse kit can be a rewarding endeavor. First and foremost, a greenhouse allows a horticulturist to enjoy his or her hobby longer, and, in some cases, year-round. A greenhouse can be a valuable tool for starting seeds or overwintering cold sensitive plants. Many gardeners like the idea of starting their own seeds each year; increasing control over their food and ornamentals.

A greenhouse may also be a gardener’s fortress of solitude. It can be a place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life; to take a moment to literally smell the roses or enjoy the fruits of his or her labor. For so many people, gardening is therapeutic and a greenhouse allows them to continue the therapy throughout the off-season.

Regardless of the reason, once a gardener decides to purchase a greenhouse, a few things should be considered. Where the greenhouse will be located, what size, which glazing material and the grower’s budget will all be factors in the final decision. While considering all these factors, the gardener must look for the highest value. In other words, getting a greenhouse that meets their specifications and is the biggest bang for their buck. When looking at stand-alone greenhouse kits, there is one particular greenhouse that stands apart from the competition. That greenhouse is the Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouse distributed by Exaco Trading Company.

Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouse

The Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouse is one of the premier greenhouses in the “Helios” line of greenhouses from Janssens of Belgium. Janssens has been manufacturing high-end glass and polycarbonate greenhouses for over 30 years. Since the introduction of the Victorian model, in 1999, Janssens has become a leading supplier of this style of greenhouse in Europe. Now, Exaco Trading Company is proud to be the United States distributor of this very fine greenhouse line-up. The greenhouses are still made in Belgium, but are shipped directly to US customers from Exaco’s warehouse in Austin, TX for quick delivery and convenience.

The Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouse is a classic English greenhouse that not only provides a first-class quality greenhouse environment, but also adds old-fashioned English style and beauty to a backyard. Even the elegant decorative finials come standard with every Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouse kit (they can be left off for a simpler appearance). Although style and beauty are important, it is the high quality of the materials, the attention to detail and all the extras that make the Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouse the best greenhouse in its class.

Quality Materials

Every Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouse is constructed of high quality materials. The aluminum profiles used are larger, thicker and stronger than other comparable greenhouses. The beefier aluminum profiles equate to increased longevity of the entire structure and are just one example of how the Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouses are built to last. It’s not just the aluminum profiles that showcase the high quality of these greenhouses. Quality products are used throughout the entire structure, including stainless steel hardware and 10 mm twin X-wall polycarbonate sheeting.

Polycarbonate Sheets

There are a few significant differences regarding the polycarbonate sheets used in the Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouses compared with other greenhouses on the market. The twin X-wall design creates additional insulating cells which help retain heat during cold weather. Put another way, this sheeting has a high insulation value. This is especially important for gardeners who wish to grow year-round. A higher insulation value equates to lower heating costs and a larger return on investment.

The high quality polycarbonate used in the Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouses comes pre-taped at one end to seal out moisture. There is an additional plastic seal that fits on the opposite end for further sealing. The polycarbonate sheets are held in place by a substantial rubber seal which provides better insulation compared with competitors who generally use metal clips. The vertical panels used in the Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouses are just one piece, which looks much nicer than two overlapping pieces of lesser greenhouses. Large single panels with no overlap stay cleaner as there are no crevices for dirt or debris build-up.

All in all, the polycarbonate sheets used in the Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouses are significantly more insulated and stronger than polycarbonate sheets used in other greenhouses in this class. Some general advantages of polycarbonate sheets over glass panels are the prevention of hot spots, increased UV protection and better light diffusion for the plants. Polycarbonate greenhouses also stay cooler than glass greenhouses during the summer months.

Available Sizes

Three sizes of the Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouses are available through the Exaco Trading Company.


The VI23 is the smallest size and provides 79 square feet of growing space. The dimensions of the VI23 are 7’9” wide x 10’2” long x 8’6” high. The VI23 (small) Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouse includes two roof windows and one louvered window.


The VI34, also known as the medium sized Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouse, provides 150 square feet of growing space and has dimensions of 10’2” wide x 15’ long x 9’ high. The VI34 (medium) Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouse includes three roof windows and one louvered window.


The largest regularly stocked size available is the VI36 which provides 200 square feet of growing space. The dimensions of the VI36 are 10’2” wide x 19’11” long x 9’ high. The VI36 (large) Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouse includes four roof windows and one louvered window.


Depending on the greenhouse’s size, one or two roof windows come with the old fashioned spindle opener (which is great for windy conditions) and the remaining roof windows come with automatic openers. The automatic openers use a paraffin filled piston. Paraffin oil’s natural properties make it expand at 72 degrees F which pushes the rod of the piston to open the windows when the greenhouse’s interior temperature rises above 72 degrees F.

Included Extras Offer Extra Value

It is all the extras that are included in the greenhouse kit that make the Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouse such a high value product. For example, each greenhouse kit includes gutters and downspout, a 6” high foundation frame, decorative finials and a misting system. With most greenhouse kits, these extras are not included and this is just another example of how value is at the forefront of Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouses.

Customization and Accessories

There are many accessories (add-ons) available for the Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouse kit and customization is always an option. Additional roof vents and louvered windows can be added. Doors can be upgraded to double sliding doors or single/double turning doors. Powered exhaust fans can be installed in the gable, if desired. Dark green is the standard stocked color, but different colors can be custom ordered, such as black, dark gray, steel blue, light grey, white and red. There is also a wide variety of greenhouse accessories that can be integrated into a Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouse, including shelving, seed trays, shade cloth, plant hooks, and even LED grow lights. Don’t be afraid to contact Exaco Trading Company for custom sizes and other customization options.

Also Available in Glass

The Royal Victorian Greenhouses are also available with glass glazing. These greenhouses have the identical features of the polycarbonate models, but use 4mm tempered glass (many other glass greenhouses on the market utilize only 3mm glass). The glass version of this greenhouse also has a single pane of glass from floor to the top of the side wall. Other glass greenhouses have overlapping panes that can clutter the view and collect dirt over time.

Warranty and Support

The Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouse frames are covered under warranty from any manufacturing defects for 15 years. All mechanical/moving parts of the greenhouse are covered by a 1-year warranty. Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouses are distributed in the US by Exaco Trading Company, a family-owned company in Austin, TX. Exaco Trading Company provides all customer service and technical support for the Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouses and prides itself on its top-notch customer service and greenhouse expertise.

The Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouse is a prime example of what you get when high quality craftsmanship is combined with versatility and practicality. Home gardeners looking for a high quality greenhouse with incredible value should look no further than a Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouse. The quality of the materials, including stronger aluminum profiles, and 10mm twin X-wall polycarbonate sheeting, which boasts higher insulation values, are what set these greenhouses apart from the crowd. There are many greenhouse kits available to horticulturists, but none provide the value of the Royal Victorian Polycarbonate Greenhouse or the expertise and support of a company like Exaco Trading Company.

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