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Growers Supply Introduces LumiGrow® Pro Series Horticultural Lights

Posted July 20th, 2012 by Garden & Greenhouse in


LumiGrow Pro Series Grow Lights

Growers Supply has partnered with LumiGrow to offer LED lighting solutions for greenhouse and controlled environment agriculture environments. The LumiGrow Pro 325 and 650 Horticultural Lights will allow growers to reduce energy costs by up to 70% and increase yields by providing the exact light levels and spectra that plants need. LumiGrow Pro series lights feature a 50,000 hour rating without degradation. Additional savings can be realized due to the fixtures operating 70% cooler than HID lamps, reducing greenhouse cooling requirements. The LumiGrow Pro series is available in two models. Pro 325, with a typical energy consumption of 325 watts, is designed for commercial greenhouses and controlled environment agriculture. For growers and scientists who require a higher PAR output, the Pro 650 typically uses 650 watts. The LumiGrow Pro 650 doubles the red and blue photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) output of 1,000-watt HID fixtures and the LumiGrow Pro 325 achieves parity with 1,000-watt HID lights. For more information or to order, call Growers Supply at 1.800.476.9715.

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