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Large Scale Commercial Greenhouses

Posted August 28th, 2018 by Garden & Greenhouse in

GrowSpan Venlo Series Greenhouses offer precision growing on a large scale. These are GrowSpan’s largest commercial greenhouses to date and offer fully customizable designs that can accommodate any commercial grower in any region. Available in three distinct styles, Traditional, Cabrio and WideSpan, these rugged structures offer superior climate control, so growers can easily grow on a year-round basis. The Traditional Venlo is designed to provide maximum light transmission and features a roof vent that opens from the peak. The Cabrio Venlo was created for growers looking for superior ventilation. The structure’s roof fully opens, allowing optimal ventilation and maximum sunlight. With a wider span and few columns, the WideSpan Venlo provides the maximum amount of growing room. It’s also outfitted with a film cover that designed to support growers in hot climates. For more information call 860.528.9550, email or visit

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