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New Multi-Pack Odor Free Storage Bags

Posted April 25th, 2016 by Garden & Greenhouse in

The new Flock O’ Bags TLBMultiPackfrom True Liberty® Bags is a multi-pack that offers value and a large selection of bag sizes. Starting with the smallest there are 10 Quail Bags (8″ x 16″), 2 Chicken Bags (12″ x 20″), 2 Turkey Bags (18″ x 20″) and 2 Goose Bags ( 18″ x 24″) equaling four handy sizes and a total of 16 bags in one little box. As always every one of our bags is completely BPA-Free and Made in the USA. They also have outstanding versatility, being able to withstand a wide temperature range of -100 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. True Liberty® Bags allow you to prepare, cook, freeze, contain and preserve your favorite meals and snacks. This is the first time a variety of sizes of “The Original All-Purpose Home and Garden Bag” has been offered in one package, making it and affordable for you to take advantage of all these useful sizes. Each bag is also available in individual boxes as well. For more information visit

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