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New Water Pumps and Reservoir Heater

Posted August 7th, 2014 by Robin Nichols in

DL Wholesale Hydroponic Pump

Aquavita has introduced a new reservoir heater and water pumps (159GPH & 238GPH). Easily adjust the water temperature in aquariums and hydroponic reservoirs with the Aquavita 300W heater. The temperature controller mounted at the top of the reservoir heater makes adjusting the temperature convenient as it is above the level of the water. This new reservoir heater is made of high-strength shatter resistance quartz glass, works in both salt and fresh water and has a heating range from 66°F to 90°F. Aquavita is also proud to welcome two new pumps to its collection. High quality water pumps are essential for achieving reliable automation whether in a pond or a customized hydroponics system. Rated at 159 gallons/hour and 238 gallon/hour, these water pumps are perfect for anything from aquariums to hydroponic systems, and feature an environmentally friendly, oil free, high magnetic rotor for maximum power and a pre-installed removable foam filter, protecting the impeller from damage by stray particles. Aquavita Pumps are UL listed. For more info

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