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NFT Hydroponic Channels

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NFT Hydroponic Channels

Growers Supply’s line of Grow-Tek NFT Hydroponic Channels offer ease of use, unique design, efficiency and versatility. Grow-Tek Channels are available in different sizes to accommodate all types of hydroponic growing and are suitable for producing flowers, tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicum, microgreens, zucchini, strawberries, lettuce, herbs or larger leafy crops. Manufactured to NSF-certified specifications for growing edible produce, Grow-Tek Channels are constructed from UV-stabilized, recycled plastics for long life. They also offer a unique removable, snap-on lid that puts the user more in control of the system’s yield. Unlike most hydroponic channeling, Grow-Tek NFT Channels’ removable lid allows you to grow crops like forage or turf. For more information, call 800.476.9715 or visit

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