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The Original Source for Terpene Enhancement

Posted December 21st, 2017 by Garden & Greenhouse in

Terpinator is a source for maximum terpenoid and plant oil production that was was created after years of research into the natural production pathway for terpenes in plants. Made from naturally occurring and organic ingredients, Terpinator pushes the necessary building blocks for the production of terpenes and secondary metabolites directly to the plant cells in contact with the outer layers of the plant where trichomes are formed. This allows plants to produce more numerous and larger trichome sites throughout the plant’s entire lifecycle. Glandular Trichomes are responsible for the production of secondary metabolites and terpenes – more sites lead to a higher concentration of these in final harvested dry product. Safe for use with microbial inoculants and mycorrhizae, as well as any grow medium or nutrient regimen, Terpinator makes a great addition for those seeking improved flavor, aroma, and potency in their grow. For questions or information on where to buy, e-mail

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