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Probiotic Wellness Garden

Posted May 3rd, 2016 by Garden & Greenhouse in

TeraGanix - Probiotic Wellness Garden

The sub-irrigated and covered EarthBox® Probiotic Wellness Garden is a combination of several technologies that is Biomimicry in a pure form. Biomimicry is something that mimics biological systems. By combining several levels of biology with a sub-irrigated planter, the EarthBox® Probiotic Wellness Garden is mimicking what goes on in nature. The right moisture content seeps up from the reservoir in the bottom of the EarthBox® gardening system, providing the required amount of moisture to sustain the growth of beneficial microbes and fungi. Compost provides carbon and nutrients that sustain the microbes and plants, creating an ecosystem within the container. Due to this balance of the right amount of nutrients, moisture and organic matter; plants thrive in a medium that is self-sustaining, eliminating the need to add any other fertilizers. It comes complete with all the nutrients needed to start an organic garden. Just add seeds and water. Price is $139.95 delivered anywhere in the continental United States. For more information visit

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