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Professional-Grade Fabric Pots

Posted December 21st, 2017 by Garden & Greenhouse in

Made from the thickest polypropylene geotextile fabric on the market, Geopot offers the air pruning and drainage benefits of a fabric pot combined with lasting durability to tackle the toughest growing projects year in and year out and are fully machine washable and reusable. The polyester fibers are the same material used in sailboat sails – ensuring longevity in high salinity and moisture environments, as well as uncompromised strength. The Quad Stitch design aids in keeping the hemmed edges of the pots crisp and smooth and also helps prevent air and moisture pockets from forming along the insides of the container. Trusted by professional growers across all schools of horticulture, the Geopot makes a great addition to any garden. Geopots are available with or without handles, and in a variety of styles. For more information visit

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