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Ways to Shrink Pigeon Population Growth



Pigeons reproduce in increasing numbers and can cause disturbance to people living nearby. Industrial areas, parks, and massive institutions spend millions to control the pigeon population. Preventing the pigeons from nesting and roosting is not a simple job, and the alarming reproduction often means more rubbish for cleaning. 

Pigeons also consume lots of leaves, insects, and fruits, damaging the neighborhood. The destruction of the neighboring landscapes can be an annoyance and a challenging nuisance. Reducing pigeon population growth becomes an all-consuming problem for some homeowners and barn owners. This article outlines some practical solutions to get rid of pigeons.

Control breeding of pigeons

The best method to prevent pigeon population growth is to try a pigeon control service using OvoControl. Pigeon food or bait is mixed with OvoControl and strewn on the ground, which the roosters eat. Such a birth control method prevents egg formation and development when the birds roost.

There are areas like grounds, hall terraces, and hospitals where many pigeons roost and nest. Fencing them completely with spikes is difficult because they can fly over them quickly. It becomes impossible to place light or speakers in those vast places because it will make human life difficult. 

The birth control method prevents overcrowding and does not result in any side effects, and the pigeons who survive thrive. It is a humane and non-lethal way to control their reproduction massively. People who use this method have seen a significant reduction in the pigeon population.

Bird mesh and netting 

Pigeons roost on the balconies, ceilings, under solar panels, and in high-altitude areas. Fixing a bird net on your solar panels or roof will prevent the pigeons from creating a home on your rooftop. When a family of pigeons arrives, builds a nest, and reproduces, they multiply exponentially, and before you realize it, there are up to 30 birds. 

Pigeon defecation leads to iron corrodes, and the perching and pecking damage the wooden things on the roof. As a result, the rooftop begins to leak quickly, and the messy rooftop draws insects, snakes, and frogs. Use a net to cover your ceilings and mesh to cover your patios from the pigeons roosting there.

Offensive smell and odor

Getting rid of pigeons using vapors and fogs is typically suited for larger structures and facilities. These products are widely used in the flavoring industry. They are primarily used to give grape flavor and scent to food. These vapors and fogs have a strong smell of grape juice. 

Some manufacturers of these food flavorings sell them as bird repellent to protect crop production. For the fogs and vapors to take effect, you must spray them in the air. They usually achieve it with a fogger or hazer, which suspends the solution that is oil-based in the air into small particles. The foggers work by sensitizing and irritating the sense of taste and smell of the pigeons.

Pigeons avoid these smells. The hazers are set to release them in the air periodically. Keeping such constant pressure increases the likelihood of the disappearance of the birds. They will then tend to avoid places where this airborne product is used. 

Unappealing places to land

Make the roosting spaces of pigeons less appealing by installing anti-roosting spikes where they land and tying the waterproof strips. Anti-roosting barbs and waterproof stings make it very difficult for them to land. Pigeons find it hard to stay in uncomfortable areas, forcing the roosters to search for an alternative site. 

The birds need water to survive every day. Without a water source, pigeons will find it harder to stay. Bird baths attract pigeons as well as mosquitoes and rodents. If you find it impossible to eliminate the bird bath, replace it frequently with fresh water. 

Mix some water with honey, pour it into a bottle and spray it on places frequented by the birds. Pigeons will naturally stop arriving because they dislike sticky solutions. This method is the most effective yet the simplest solution to shrink their numbers. The idea is to make their spaces less appealing to land.

Culling pigeons with exterminators

Pigeon exterminators trap pigeons into a lure net or nest, which is invisible and take the birds away to release. Some people exterminate the pigeons effectively by hunting them and training them for sports and races. Some exterminators also use electricity to kill them to control their numbers effectively when there are numerous. 

Fierce dogs are unleashed to coach them to kill and hunt the roosters. Natural predators such as owls, raptors, and hawks are released too among the netted birds to get rid of them. The pigeons are also sold and used as food for predators in conservatories and zoos.

Hunting and culling to eliminate pigeons is a non-humane and lethal method to shrink pigeon population growth. Extermination through hunting and culling should always be used as a last resort. People must try other non-lethal and humane methods before resorting to such methods to kill pigeons.

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