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Chic Modern Dining Room Ideas to Style up Your Space



Modern dining spaces are more appreciated than traditional design because they still give alluring and classy looks. Although modern means sleek and streamlined, it doesn’t have to be too formal, making the area more welcoming. But what is modern design? What furniture and accessories should you get?

There isn’t one answer to those questions. You can make a statement with modern art and graphics, or you can opt for a more minimalistic look. If you want your dining room to be a happy place, you probably want to make sure that it’s in the best shape for everyday use, as well as for get-togethers and parties.

Whether you need some inspiration to redecorate or design your new home, get ready to take notes from the chic modern dining room ideas to style up your space below. It will surely impress anyone who comes over to your house. Read on!

Join the Minimalist Movement by Keeping It Simple

Do you have a minimalistic approach throughout your home and want your dining area to have the same style? Choose accessories and paint colors that will add dimension to the room. Since you picked pieces that play well with your furniture, you can stick to having the “less is more” feel without it feeling unfinished.

There are endless ways to pull this look together. For example, if you have ever wondered what is hybrid flooring and how it can help you, you should know that it’s a great way to add depth and texture to your dining room. Let’s say that you have a white-and-black patterned floor; you can add dark-colored chairs to make a bold statement.

Go For a Statement Piece

A statement piece is something that sets the tone of your dining area. If you’re looking to bring in a beautiful centerpiece, traditional artwork, framed photos, and other art pieces are great ways to add interest to your space. It doesn’t make sense to go with cheap-looking pieces to create that chic look.

Another idea is to opt for a beautiful rug. To create a modern feel, choose colors that are neutral or cool tones. A nice rug will also help you define the different areas in your dining room, like the living room and the kitchen. On top of that, it adds a softness to your space.

Add a Touch of Modern Art

One of the things that can make any space more modern is a vibrant portrait or piece that creates a purposeful and tasteful look. Sleek angles and stark lines of modern furniture can make an area of your home feel cold. A pop of color to an oversized piece can bring that contemporary tone with a cozier and warmer feel.

Consider Adding Graphics

Modern style has a different meaning for everyone, but the bottom line is that it gives you a chance to experiment with designs and colors that scream “fearless.” You may already have a striking modern chandelier, as well as soft-toned chairs, so try an extraordinary graphic rug to bring all your pieces together.

Speaking of walls, there’s another way for you to get a modern dining room design besides painting it – bold wallpaper. You can even use a simple shade then experiment with accents and patterns without overpowering the space and furniture, and it will make your dining area unique and interesting.

Invest In Glass Items

Glass is an excellent material to use in modern dining spaces because it makes the area pops with light and makes the space feel bigger. Glass tables, chairs, and chandeliers can all make your room look more spacious while still being contemporary. If you’re using glass items in your dining room, choose a soft-colored floor such as cream or white to enhance the light quality.

Mix Traditional With Modern

If you have a home with a traditional design, it’s not right to go modern all at once. It’s best to layer your space with different styles. You can start by painting the walls of your dining area a soft shade such as gray or beige and add a few more modern pieces. Mixing elements from different eras can create a unique feel. And don’t forget that you can always use accents such as rugs, flowers, and artwork to spice things up.

Opt for a Cozy Dining Room

A cozy dining room is one of the essential areas in your home because you spend a lot of time there with the family. You want everything to be just right, including lighting and décor. A great way to make your dining area feel more comfortable is to add some beautiful throw pillows on a sofa or couch. The next time you and your family have dinner together, you can take a little break and lounge around.

To Sum Up

Are you ready to go for a chic modern dining room design? If you’re looking for a new way to make your space pop, it’s time to take a closer look at some of the pieces above. All of them are easy to style and install. Don’t forget that the success of your design depends on how well you combine all the elements. So, go on and choose what’s best for you!

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Design Tips

5 Green DIY Ideas for Your Dorm Room



If you really care about the space around you, creating a green, eco-friendly dorm room should be on top of your mind. Most modern students do choose to get into the matter of this and create a healthy environment to live in.

Many articles and essays are now written about eco-friendliness; yet, there is always room for improvement. This is a perfect chance for you to dive deep into best practices and choose what resonates with you. After all, this is your room, your safe haven, and you need to make it as comfortable as possible the way you see it.

If you are really determined and still haven’t given up on this idea, below, you’ll find a few tips on how to make your room greener.

Make Your Own Cleaning Products

If you can get rid of all these chemical detergents within your living space, please do. They are not good for most people, especially those allergic to any component.

You can make your own cleaning products at home. Lots of ideas are described all over the internet. Moreover, there are recipes for all-purpose cleaners that are really easy to do. Just invest some time to research the topic, and you’ll get a healthier DIY alternative to Domestos.

Students are often required to write an essay about green DIY ideas and their application at home. It’s sometimes hard to explain your determination to make your room greener, but you can always count on professional help. Type “write my essay for me” and you’ll find an EssayHub team waiting to help. Do not hesitate to reach out and use your chance.


The best idea to make your room eco-friendlier is to believe in the power of upcycling. It is a fantastic way to give some older staff a new life. Why? Because when you try to upcycle, some things find a way to be repurposed.

For example, your older jeans can be easily converted into shorts. A plastic bowl can become a great place to grow your favorite house plant. Lots of stuff can be repurposed before you finally have to recycle them.

If you need swift help writing an essay on the topic of upcycling, you can easily do that by typing “make my essay by tomorrow.” A team of domyessay writers can handle any task within a short period of time. The quality is always on top.

Utilize Used Things

Just think of it: do you really need all the new stuff for your dorm room? Isn’t it greener (and cheaper) to buy some used things and mix them up the way you see fit? This will help you live not only to make your place eco-friendlier. Also, it will ensure that you have done everything to minimize waste while arranging your room in the best way possible.


Again, the topic of waste management or waste minimization is often a number one topic for essay writing. Students must know best practices and be able to apply them in practice. If you’re looking for a company to help you in writing, check the Essay Pro review on the NoCramming review website. This is the best way to find a reliable company to get essay help.

Light It All Up

Think of the ways to ensure you have enough daylight and artificial light while preserving nature the best way you can. Place your table close to the window to enjoy the sun while studying. At night, your light must be eco-friendly as well. Make sure all your light bulbs use LED technologies. Also, buy some candles and second-hand garland to save energy while making your room cozy.

If you really dive deeply into the topic of lighting in the room, you will find lots of interesting ideas to follow. Research more if you want to maximize your eco-friendliness. The same applies to essay writing. If you want to get the best essay written for you, check to find the best company. Research all your options to find the best offer. The quality matters, after all.

Shop Locally

If you can buy all the appliances and stuff you need for the room locally, do it. You can combine new or used things to arrange your place the way you see it. Do not, however, encourage cross-border or cross-country transportation unless you absolutely need that thing. Just remember: any transportation you use is not green. Try to minimize this waste.

At the same time, buying things locally and designing them the way you see it will not only give you aesthetic pleasure. It will also help you be creative and more aware of the things around you.


If you are really concerned about making your room greener and eco-friendlier, take your chance and do your research. This huge step into independent living, which you are doing right now, actually predetermines your attitude towards the space around you. Make all you can do to live more responsibly and try to help nature sustain.

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Design Tips

Maximizing Your Garden Space for Year-Round Enjoyment



Spending time in a green area—be it a park, forest, or your very own backyard—brings about an array of benefits, including a significant reduction in stress levels, enhanced focus and alertness, and higher energy levels. Unfortunately, statistics show that most families in the US spend around 90% of their time indoors, with many children and adults firmly glued to their phones, tablets, and desktop devices. If you have a garden, you have a true gift that many people across the planet do not have access to—a healing green space that is 100% your own. To make the most of it, consider incorporating one or more of the following elements into your landscape design.

Setting Up a Greenhouse for a Fun Family Activity

A garden needn’t simply be a place of passive rest. Study after study has shown that being active in the garden through the pursuit of horticulturalism, can hone various skills ranging from hand strength to self-esteem. A greenhouse is a comforting, enclosed space where family members can work together for sowing seeds germinating tender crops, and other tasks, together, away from technology and its isolating effects. Those with green thumbs can also take a few activities outside the greenhouse, setting up a vegetable garden or trying their hand at aeroponics or other unique, water-saving ways of growing produce.

Designing an Appealing Deck

In order to entice family members to spend more time outside, creating a comfortable patio adjacent to the garden will definitely work. Beautiful wooden decking, comfortable outdoor furniture, shade sails or retractable awnings, and a fire pit are examples of exterior features that make great investments. A designer deck, for instance, can add up to $100,000 to the value of your home, yet installing decking can cost as little as $3,400 (approximately). Your patio should face the most beautiful aspects of your garden—be they flower beds, stately trees, or outdoor sculptures.

Enticing Your Kids Outdoors

Children need to spend time outdoors to stay active, hone skills such as strength and flexibility, and become confident about climbing trees, jumping, and testing their limits (in a safe, supervised fashion). You have many choices when it comes to keeping them happy. One is to build a treehouse. If you’re not up for something quite so architecturally challenging, then buying a ready-made fort kit (which contains flexible poles and joiners and which can be used to make large and smaller forts alike) is a great way to give them a space of their own. You can also choose a scenic part of your garden for swings, a slide, and a playhouse. Make sure the flooring is soft (wet pour fours are ideal) and rubbery to withstand the impact of falls and jumps.

Your garden is so much more than a place in which to rest or enjoy a glass of wine while watching the sunset. It has the potential to accommodate a greenhouse, designer deck space, kids’ space, or even a pool! The ideal garden has a bit of everything—the beauty of nature combined with the ability to encourage human beings to get active and create an important and consistent bond with the Great Outdoors.

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Design Tips

Biggest Design Errors and How to Fix Them



Decorating your home can prove to be a challenging task, especially if you don’t have much experience with interior design or feel overwhelmed by the abundance of different ideas.

Most homeowners have one common goal: to create a cohesive look among various rooms to look their best and not look like a collection of random trinkets. You’ll need to choose the right furniture, the perfect paint colors, and the ideal decor accessories for every space. This leaves a lot of room for making mistakes, but there’s no need to worry, as there are many quick and easy ways to fix every design misstep.

With that being said, if you feel like you could use a few easy tips, we’ve prepared this article just for you.

Using Uncomfortable Furniture

Comfort is an essential factor in creating a cozy and liveable space instead of turning your house into one extensive showroom. There’s no need to sacrifice comfort for aesthetics, so try to keep this in mind when shopping for furniture. If possible, always try to go to the store and try out sofas or chairs for yourself because what looks great in the pictures might be incredibly uncomfortable in real life.

Look for sectional sofas with stuffed cushions and choose fabrics such as cotton or linen. Clear plastic or rattan chairs might look great from a distance, but they can be impossible to sit on for longer than a few minutes without proper cushions. And don’t hesitate to decorate your home with small touches that can improve comfort even more. For instance, a soft footstool or pillows can go a long way in making your furniture more comfortable – you can check the best adjustable pillow here.

Picking Neutral Colors Only

There’s no shame in saying that you love classic and neutral colors. The truth is that they make for a safe and timeless choice, but at the same time, they can get pretty dull after a while. That’s why it might be better to mix them up a bit.

For instance, if you choose to paint the walls in your room in colors such as eggshell, ecru, taupe, brown, or cream, you can try to add some bold accents by choosing the right furniture or decorations. Different shades of green make for a great accent color, so feel free to incorporate them into the decor in the form of an armchair, curtains, blankets, or pillows. Dusty pink, teal, crimson or purple can also help arrange a visually-interesting space. Don’t be afraid to opt for bold accents to break up the monotony!

Picking Wrong Light Bulbs

Light bulbs play an essential role in determining the mood in a room and have the power to make or break entire interior designs. For instance, yellow light bulbs are perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere that will make anyone feel relaxed and comfortable after a long day at work or school. They should work best in bedrooms, living rooms, as well as for outside lighting.

Cool light bulbs can also prove to be helpful but in different rooms. They usually work best in kitchens, especially if you’re going for a modern and sleek look, and in bathrooms that often have no windows and need bright lighting.

Overdoing It With Patterns

If you love patterns, then there’s nothing wrong with using them liberally throughout your home; however, it would be better if you chose to stick to a few essential rules when mixing patterns. Try to use similar colors and use them on objects that vary in size.

Chevron and herringbone are pretty versatile but can be overwhelming in large quantities; that’s why it’s better to keep them for things like vases and pillowcases instead of grand wall art. It would help if you also kept in mind that plaid rarely works with polka dots, and floral prints don’t go together with animal prints – there’s too much going on at once.

Following these simple rules will help your house look much more harmonious and balanced in the end, especially if you use complementary patterns rather than striking ones that aren’t likely to complement each other well under any circumstances.

Using the Same Stuff in Every Room

Usually, people like to decorate every room in a way that makes each of them look unique, but at the same time, try to keep them connected with the others. However, this might prove to be a big mistake if you don’t mix up your accessories and furniture enough.

For example, if you have an elegant living room, keeping the same sofa in your study might be an easy but boring choice design-wise. The same goes for decor. If you find a piece of art that you like, you might feel tempted to buy more of it and set it in every room. Instead, you could perform a Google search using keywords to describe this accessory and find similar items that will help you create a cohesive look. 

Additionally, even if you like a particular shade of green or blue, using them as accent colors throughout the house might make your decor look dull. Instead, try to either go for different shades of your favorite colors or take a look at the color wheel and find opposite colors to create exciting contrasts.


Designing your home can be a very rewarding experience, especially if you take your time to do it right. However, it can also be pretty challenging, especially these days, when we’re bombarded with new trends on each step. That’s why knowing how to avoid and fix the most common interior design mistakes is so important. By following the tips in the article above, you’ll be able to create a visually-appealing space that you’ll be happy with for years to come. Good luck with transforming your space!

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