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Tips for Keeping a Greenhouse Pest Free

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Unfortunately by creating a nice growing environment within your greenhouse you are also creating a perfect place for insects to breed. Since the environment is enclosed an insect outbreak can sometimes be more harmful than in an outdoor garden. Preventing a pest outbreak gives your plants the best chance for survival. These Tips Will Help Keep your Greenhouse Pest Free

Check Your Tools & Dirt

Unsanitary tools are another item that can infest your greenhouse. Be sure you wash all your tools (even the new ones) with bleach and hot water before using them. They may appear clean to the naked eye but you never know what is on there that can be harmful. In addition use sterilized potting mixtures rather than regular dirt or soil.

Clean Regularly

Create a weekly cleaning schedule and quickly remove any mold or fungi if you should discover it. Mold and fungi can spread very quickly in an enclosed space like a greenhouse. Each season do a deep cleaning, removing all items and washing down every surface with hot, soapy water.

Eliminate Standing Water

Make sure there is no water lying around whether it is in jugs, cups or in a puddle on the floor. Insects are attracted to wet areas.

Freeze Them Out

An easy and cheap way to remove uninvited guests from your greenhouse is to freeze them out. Remove all your plants and store them in a warm place for a day or two. Open your greenhouse up to a cold environment and the pests are likely to move on or die. When you are sure your greenhouse is safe, bring your plants back in and return your greenhouse to the proper conditions.

Inspect Existing Plants

Routinely check all your plants for pest eggs or larvae. As a general rule if you think something doesn’t look right it usually isn’t. Immediately remove a plant that is in question to prevent the pests from spreading to other plants and crops. It is easier to treat an individual plant than your entire environment.

Inspect New Plants

Inspect all new plants to ensure there are no bugs on them before bringing them into the greenhouse. Bugs have the ability to multiply quickly and can create a problem within a few days of entering the greenhouse.

Insect Pest Control

Whenever possible you should avoid using pesticides, especially if your plants are meant for human consumption. Praying mantis and lady bugs will prey on pests that are harmful to your crops while leaving them alone for you to enjoy.

Keep the Doors Closed

Always keep all doors, screens and windows shut when not being used for specific purposes.

No Bright Colors

Bright colors such as yellow and red attract insects. Try not to wear or display any bright colors which may attract unwanted insects. The flowers and plants should be the only bright colors in a greenhouse.

Reduce the Clutter

Keep your greenhouse in good, clean condition. Not only do insects like water but they like to disguise themselves under areas of clutter. This also means keeping the lawn around your greenhouse mowed and neat at all times. Many pests reside in grass and weeds and mowing the lawn reduces their potential habitat.

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One thought on “Tips for Keeping a Greenhouse Pest Free”

  1. Drew says:

    Good advice to inspect new plants. You could be bringing anything into your greenhouse so you want to be sure it’s safe and okay to be there before it’s too late. Thanks so much for sharing.