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Have a Plan Before Purchasing a Greenhouse

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The correct greenhouse makes it possible to grow in almost any climate. It doesn’t matter if the location is hot and dry, extremely cold, consistently wet or a combination of all three environments, the proper greenhouse will provide the protection and ideal growing conditions for almost any plant.

Woman in GreenhouseThere are many benefits to owning a greenhouse but you also need to do some planning before purchasing one. Here are several things you should consider before purchasing and assembling a greenhouse.

Available Size and Space

Greenhouses can be designed to fit almost any space. If there is room for a garden there is typically room for some type of greenhouse. There are variety of greenhouse styles ranging from freestanding to attached lean-to models that make it possible to assemble a greenhouse in most locations.


A greenhouse creates the opportunity to spend as much or as little time as you like with your garden. Greenhouses will reduce the time needed for weeding that is required in a traditional garden. They also help save time and money normally spent to plants from pests. But even a small greenhouse is an investment so make sure you plan on spending time in the greenhouse after it is assembled. An empty greenhouse can be nothing more than an expensive utility shed.


Create a budget before purchasing the greenhouse. Make sure the budget includes the greenhouse, constructing a foundation and/or floor if needed. You also need to include money for accessories like benches, ventilation systems and heating and cooling equipment. There are many affordable greenhouse kits on the market, but keep in mind that the lowest cost options are many times just a greenhouse and do not include any type of floor or accessories. Over time it is possible to save money with a greenhouse by growing your own fruits and vegetables. Growing your own is far less expensive than purchasing them at a grocery store and they taste a lot better too.

Know the Plants You Want to Grow

Most plants can be grown in a greenhouse but you should consider the types of plants you plan on growing the majority of the time before purchasing a greenhouse. The correct greenhouse and accessories will allow you to control the environment and provide ideal growing conditions for your plants. Doing some research beforehand ensures that you understand the type of greenhouse and accessories to purchase that will allow you to do this.


It is a good idea to become familiar with greenhouse accessories before making any purchase. The more you understand about climate control, watering devices, benches and other accessories the more likely it is that you will be able to stay on budget and enjoy using the greenhouse after it is assembled.

Greenhouses help eliminate the concerns with environmental elements like drought, too much precipitation, frost or snow. They also do a great job of protecting plants from pests like deer, rabbits, raccoons or marauding insects. Plus they virtually eliminate any weeds that can choke out delicate plants and reduce yields.

Doing the proper research and creating a plan before purchasing a greenhouse results in a more product garden and more enjoyable experience for the grower.

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