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3 Benefits of Container Gardening

Posted August 17th, 2015 by Garden & Greenhouse in

Container gardening can be fun and is sometimes the only way to establish a backyard garden. Containers can enhance an existing garden or patio or used because there isn’t  enough space in the backyard for a larger garden. Listed below are just 3 of the many benefits of container gardening.

Save SpaceContainerGarden

If you already have an established garden full of shrubs and flowers and you like it as it is or there’s no room for additional plants, then containers are a great option. Or, if you only have a small outdoor patio, a container of strawberries, tomatoes or herbs is still possible. Containers can also be a great accent to pools, raised bed gardens or an existing traditional garden. Containers are available in all shapes and sizes, colors and finishes. There are literally pots and containers for all types of situations and people. There are glossy, bright-colored pots for the more artistic folks and red clay pots for the more traditional look. Whichever you choose, you’re saving a lot of space by using containers in your garden.


Most containers can also be moved around your yard or garden and this is important. If you’re using your backyard for entertaining, the ability to move the containers to create a larger entertainment area is important. It also allows you to change the location of a garden. The containers that were originally located along the fence on the east side of the yard may look better next to the patio or on the deck. With pots and containers you don’t have to dig up and relocate your newly planted garden.

Another reason is sunshine. During different times of the year, the sun shines brighter and longer on different parts of your yard. Containers can be moved around your backyard from season to season to maximize time in the sun and reap greater rewards at harvest. Additionally some plants need to be started indoors and some climates are harder on plants than others. It’s nice to be able to move your containers inside or outside, if

necessary, depending on the weather.

That Was Easy

It really only takes a few items to start a backyard container garden. Decide on the type of containers that will work best for you, purchase some good potting soil and compost and you’re ready to start. Place the seeds or plants in the containers and you’ve started a container garden. They do not require the construction time of raised beds or the logistics of removing something from your existing garden to make room for a new plant or vegetable. Container gardens are simple: it’s just, purchase, plant, water and your good-to-go. They are perfect for someone with a busy schedule that doesn’t have the extra time a traditional garden can sometimes require.
Containers can be sole source of gardening or they can be used to accent and enhance and existing garden or landscape. They are always a compliment to any space, big or small.

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