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Indoor horticulturists and greenhouse hobbyists go through a lot of trouble to ensure their plants’ roots have access to oxygen. Whether its adding aeration amendments to the soil or pumping air into a hydroponic system, experienced growers understand there is no substitute for an oxygen-rich root zone. Although the upper portion of the plant requires CO2 for photosynthesis, the plant’s root mass requires oxygen to stimulate root growth and uptake nutrients.

That’s why any technique or product that can help maximize oxygen in the root zone is worth a second look. One particular product, the fabric potting container, has revolutionized planting containers by dramatically increasing oxygen accessibility. There is a company that manufactures a wide variety of high quality fabric potting containers which are designed to meet the strict demands of indoor horticulturists, while also remaining aesthetically pleasing for the home hobbyist. That company is GeoPot.

Air Root Pruning

Perhaps the largest advantage of GeoPot fabric potting containers is how they automatically “air-prune” a plant’s roots. Air pruning occurs when a root extends to the edge of a GeoPot container. When the tip of the root touches air, it “air prunes” and this triggers an onset of fibrous, lateral root branching. In traditional potting containers it is common for the root to become a tangled mess at the base of the container. Once the roots have reached the bottom or sides of a traditional potting container, they turn back inward, creating a circling effect. This mass of circular root growth quickly results in root bound plants, which means far less than optimal nutrient uptake.

Unlike traditional potting containers, GeoPot containers stimulate the growth of the fibrous feeding roots which are more effective at absorbing nutrients. Plants grown in GeoPot containers will also make more efficient use of the given space within the container by filling it almost entirely with healthy feeder roots. Due to the heathy root structure, plants growth in GeoPot containers will be more structurally sound and efficient at both water and nutrient uptake. More efficient water and nutrient uptake means the plants will be more robust and healthier, which, in turn, results in larger yields and less potential problems.


As previously mentioned, experienced growers understand the importance of a well aerated soil or hydroponic system. GeoPot containers are built from a sturdy, porous fabric which allows air to enter the root zone from all surfaces of the container. In other words, the plant’s roots have access to oxygen around the entire planting container. This alone is a vast improvement compared with traditional potting containers where the roots only have access to air at the top and bottom of the container.

The additional aeration provided by a GeoPot container not only provides the benefit of air pruning, but also helps to support beneficial microorganisms in the soil. Most beneficial microorganisms are aerobic, meaning they thrive and survive in an environment rich in oxygen. On the other hand, most pathogenic microorganisms are anaerobic and they thrive and survive in an environment where oxygen levels are depleted. The additional aeration provided by GeoPot will promote more beneficial microorganisms and also automatically reduces the possibility of pathogens.


Proper drainage can be a big issue for traditional containers when they are packed full of tangled roots. When drainage is poor, the soil can become anaerobic. The reason it becomes anaerobic is because the container never has a chance to completely dry out. When a soil or medium is constantly wet, there is never an opportunity for fresh oxygen to enter the root zone. This creates the perfect environment for pathogenic fungi and/or bacteria. When using a GeoPot container, a grower can rest assured that he or she is providing the plants with the best drainage possible.

Temperature Regulation

A GeoPot container stays cooler than traditional planting containers on hot summer days because of the evaporative cooling effect. As the sun warms the container, the porous fabric allows air to enter and moisture to exit, thus producing the evaporative cooling effect similar to a plant’s natural transpiration. GeoPot containers are also available in a tan color which can help regulate temperature. When compared with a black container, the tan color will not absorb as much radiant heat, which, in turn, makes it automatically the “cooler” color option.

Types of GeoPot Containers

GeoPot has created a wide variety of planting containers to meet the various needs of horticulturists. The following are just a few of the quality fabric containers offered by GeoPot:


This is the original breathable fabric container in the GeoPot fabric container lineup. When the GeoPot’s ultra strong quad stitching (sewn with high quality bonded polyester thread) is examined, it is plain to see that these containers are built to last. The GeoPot is available in sizes ranging from 1/2 gallon up to 400 gallons.

GeoPot with Handles

These GeoPots have all the same advantages as the original GeoPot, but with added handles for easy transport. The GeoPot with Handles is available in sizes ranging from 1 gallon up to 30 gallons.

GeoPot Transplanter with Velcro Seam

The GeoPot Transplanter with Velcro Seam is an innovative product designed to ease transplant shock and the labor associated with transplanting. These containers are made from the same geo-textile fabric as the original GeoPot and have an added velcro seam which allows the side of the container to be opened for quick and easy transplanting. The GeoPot Transplanter with Velcro Seam makes transplanting easier than with any other type of container, but it is the reduction of the stress commonly associated with transplanting that makes this product so great. The GeoPot Transplanter with Velcro Seam is available in sizes ranging from 1 gallon up to 7 gallons.


The GeoPlanter is an easy to assemble, breathable fabric planter. The GeoPlanter is framed with PVC piping to provide a rigid, framed bed for the plants. It is reusable and will usually last three years or longer under normal gardening usage. The GeoPlanter is available in a wide variety of sizes to meet the needs of virtually every horticulturist.


The G-Lite breathable fabric container was designed for horticulturists who are cost conscious, but still want the advantages of a quality fabric potting container. The G-Lite fabric pots are made of a slightly thinner material and only have twin stitches on the side as opposed to the quad stitching and thicker material of the GeoPot. The G-Lite containers are still sewn with a high quality bonded polyester thread and can withstand constant moisture and UV exposure. The G-Lite containers are available in sizes ranging from 1/2 gallon up to 10 gallons.

G-Lite with Handles

The G-Lite with Handles offers all of the same benefits as the regular G-Lite container, but with convenient handles for easy transport. The G-Lite with Handles is available in sizes ranging from 1/2 gallon up to 10 gallons.

About the Company

There is a reason why GeoPot’s tag line is “True to Our Roots”. The folks at GeoPot  do their own testing on products and also eagerly listen to customer feedback to constantly improve their product lineup. It is GeoPot’s mission to provide exceptional customer service to both the retail stores that carry their products and the growers who use them. In addition to high quality fabric potting containers, GeoPot also carries a wide selection of gardening products, including light bulbs and fertilizer additives. GeoPot’s outstanding customer service, in addition to the high quality products they provide, will solidify their place in the horticultural industry as both an innovative leader and a trusted company.

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